Discover the 5 Coldest Places in Wyoming

Wyoming has a climate that is renowned for being extremely cold, despite its remarkable geology and rugged beauty. While each of the four seasons passes through the Cowboy State, some simply remain longer than others. Wyoming’s annual average temperature is a cold 42 degrees due to its high elevation. Based on average temperatures for the entire state, it ranks as the sixth coldest state in the union.

Wyoming is the fifth-coldest state overall, but its winter temperatures plummet to the tenth lowest of all 50 states. Nonetheless, Wyoming has the second-coldest summers in the nation. Summers in Alaska are the coldest. There is essentially no growing season in some parts of this Rocky Mountain state since the climate is so cold throughout the year.

According to the Wyoming State Climate Office, “Wyoming is in a region of the country where frequent variations from cold to mild periods occur, especially in the fall and spring. “”During the summer, cold temperatures can happen at any time in the mountains and high valleys. In places like Jackson Hole, Star Valley, and the upper Green River Valley, there is essentially no growing season for delicate plants.

The climate office states that the record for temperature fluctuation is a difference of more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit between the state’s all-time greatest and lowest temperature readings. Wyoming’s continued status as the least populated state in the union can be partially attributed to these temperature swings. The difficult climate of the state, which is home to seven national parks, including Yellowstone, the first in America, also helps to explain why so much of the natural beauty has been maintained.

Wyoming’s Coldest Locations

Wyoming is the fifth-coldest state in the union overall, but height, topography, and location all affect how cold it gets. The eastern border of the state, the lower reaches of the Big Horn Basin, and the lower altitudes of central and northeastern Wyoming are the warmest regions. The average temperature decreases with elevation. In the midst of summer, mountains and high valleys typically experience lows in the 30s and 40s, with sporadic lows below freezing.

Wyoming remains the second-coldest state in the summer because of those below-freezing July temperatures. From October through May, the Cowboy State provides consistent snowfall for those who enjoy cold weather. We have everything you need to either prevent or treat a cold. Find out where in Wyoming is the coldest by reading on.

Ranking the Coldest Places

Based on meteorological data gathered by the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Information by Current Results between 1991 and 2020, we have ranked the coldest locations in Wyoming. According to these rankings, the locations with the lowest average annual minimum temperature were the coldest. Temperature normals, as defined by the National Weather Service, are three-decade averages for a specific weather station.

1. It’s 23°F at Burgess Junction

Burgess Junction is a botanical viewing place situated inside the boundaries of the Bighorn National Forest. Burgess Junction is the fifth-coldest locality in Wyoming, with an average maximum temperature of only 47 degrees Fahrenheit and a typical minimum temperature of 23 degrees. The weather station recorded its lowest temperature ever on December 24, 1983, at -48 degrees Fahrenheit. Dayton, Wyoming, is the closest town to Burgess Junction and is located 20 miles east on US Highway 14. The population of this place is 822.

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2. Kemmerer — 22 °F

Situated on the western half of the state, Kemmerer is the largest city in Lincoln County and a well-known coal mining community. About 15 miles to the east of Fossil Butte National Monument is the city. The population of this high-desert terrain exceeds 2,400. Its typical maximum temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit, while its typical lowest temperature is 22 degrees.

-39 °F is the lowest recorded temperature in Kemmerer’s history. This was Kemmerer’s lowest point twice, on February 1, 1982, and December 22, 1990, to be exact.

3. Moran — 22 °F

Northwest Wyoming’s Moran is a small town situated on the northeastern border of Grand Teton National Park. The town has a subarctic environment and is the state’s coldest continuously inhabited place due to its height of 6,749 feet. In February 1933, the lowest recorded temperature in Moran history was -63 degrees Fahrenheit. Moran is the third coldest place in Wyoming, with a maximum normal temperature of 49 degrees and a minimum normal temperature of 22 degrees. There are just 240 courageous permanent residents, which may be because to its reputation for being frigid.

4. It is 21°F in South Pass City.

South Pass City, a historic gold mining community in north central Wyoming, has been recognized as a State Historic Site. The distinction of being the first place in American history where a woman held public office belongs to this exquisitely preserved boomtown. Approximately 2,000 individuals called South Pass City home at its height, hoping to make a fortune by mining gold or tending to the rough and tumble locals. Currently, roughly twelve individuals are permanently residing in the rebuilt community.

The Western Regional Climate Center reports that on January 19, 1922, South Pass City experienced its lowest temperature ever, reaching a record low of -45 degrees Fahrenheit. South Pass City is the second-coldest place in Wyoming, with a maximum normal temperature of 51 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum normal of 21 degrees.

5. Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park — 20°F

The most visited tourist destination in Wyoming is Yellowstone National Park, home to Old Faithful, one of only six natural geysers out of almost 500 that park rangers can currently anticipate. Every month and most nights, cold temperatures descend upon the area above ground, even if the water beneath may be scorching hot.

Every year, there are about 271 evenings when frost, not boiling water, produces the steam that is seen above ground. Even while the majority of December and January will undoubtedly be below freezing, daytime highs can be that cold anywhere from October to May. At Old Faithful, the temperature never goes above freezing for an average of 84 days a year.

Our coldest place in Wyoming is Old Faithful, which is 7,500 feet above sea level with a maximum normal temperature of 49 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum normal temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest recorded temperature in the history of Yellowstone National Park was -49 degrees Fahrenheit on February 11, 1981.