Discover the 4 Longest Bridges in Alaska

In addition to facilitating transportation across bodies of water, Alaska’s bridges offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Some have other amazing views because to their construction, such as their length. Finding Alaska’s longest bridges might help you get a sense of the incredible buildings.

4. Susitna River Bridge

With a length of 504 feet, the Susitna River Bridge ranks fourth in the state for size. This railroad bridge, which was constructed in 1921, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located on the eastern boundary of Denali National Park, it is a destination worth seeing by travellers.

3. Mears Memorial Bridge

The Mears Memorial Bridge, Alaska’s third longest bridge, spans the Tanana River near Nenana. One of the nation’s longest basic truss bridges, at 700 feet, is this one. With its completion in 1923, the Alaska railroad came to an end.

2. Hurricane Gulch

The train bridge is 918 feet long and spans Hurricane Gulch near the midway point between Anchorage and Fairbanks. It’s the longest on the Alaska Railroad and the second longest in Alaska. This bridge rises 296 feet above Hurricane Creek, making it both long and tall. After construction was finished in 1921, improvements were made throughout time.

1. Tanana River Bridge

At 3,300 feet, the Tanana River bridge is the longest bridge in Alaska. After construction was finished in August 2014, the Alaska Highway currently passes through it. It is currently only accessible by car, although rail transportation will ultimately be feasible.

Highlights of the Longest Bridges in Alaska:

Bridge Length (feet)
Tanana River Bridge 3,300
Hurricane Gulch 918
Mears Memorial Bridge 700
Susitna River Bridge 504