Discover the 11 Countries in Africa With the Highest IQ

Certain researches assess our cognitive abilities. The Lynn and Becker study is one such investigation. To produce the rankings, it compiles information from standardised IQ tests taken across all nations. It goes without saying that the study does not represent the IQ of the entire nation because it is hard to gauge. Nonetheless, it can offer a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s IQ and link it to external criteria such as socioeconomic status, level of education, and standard of life. Let’s examine the 11 African nations with the highest IQs.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is at the top of the list for a reason. The rate of literacy in the nation is 91.9%. There has been a rise in the quantity of individuals pursuing higher education. According to the Global Innovation Index, this nation is the top-ranked nation in Africa. To guarantee that pupils have the access to education they deserve, a number of reforms have also been implemented. Each of these elements raises one’s IQ.

2. Libya

Libya, ranking second, has one of the highest average IQs in all of Africa. There are multiple reasons for this. While attendance at school is required from the age of six to fifteen, most people attend secondary school from fifteen to eighteen. Libya has concentrated on raising the calibre of its educational system during the Gaddafi era.

3. Tunisia

Tunisia, which ranks third on the continent of Africa, has one of the highest average IQs. All of this is a result of significant investments made in Tunisia’s educational system. Tunisia’s education system has been stimulated by its efforts to guarantee that students attend school and to link education to the economy. To further guarantee that kids receive the right education, Tunisia has enacted educational changes over the years.

4. Sudan

Sudan has a worse education system than other African nations, despite the country’s greater IQ. Although it is required from the age of six to thirteen, only roughly 60% of people are literate. In Sudan, urban areas perform far better than rural ones, and less than 20% of children attend school in various areas of the nation. Additionally, 35% of the nation has extreme properties, and IQ levels are correlated with education levels.

5. Chad

Despite being superior to other African nations, Chad’s educational system has flaws. Only roughly two thirds of boys finish primary school, and many parents do not send their kids to school. Even fewer girls attend school than boys do. Based on its financial levels, Chad is only performing 52% of what the government should be doing for education, according to the human rights measuring programme.

6. Seychelles

In comparison with other African nations, Seychelles has better educational conditions. Naturally, IQ has a direct bearing on this. Human growth and economic standards have increased recently, and there is a strong association between these two factors and IQ. In the Seychelles, 95% of those who are 15 years of age or older are literate. From the age of five to sixteen, education is required; however, from sixteen to eighteen, it is free.

7. Senegal

With the exception of Mauritius, all of the African nations on this list have comparable IQ averages thus far. This is a result of various socioeconomic issues plaguing the African continent in addition to a lack of financing for education. Senegal’s approximately 60% literacy rate is quite low. Women’s averages are lower than men’s. Additionally, a large portion of Senegalese people do not attend school, and many more do not complete their higher education.

8. Comoros

Comoros has a higher IQ than other African nations, yet its educational system is nonetheless flawed. This is directly related to the nation’s IQ. When it comes to funding educational resources, such as buildings, teachers, and other items, there is typically insufficient availability. As a matter of fact, the human rights measuring project discovered that, in terms of economic and educational resources, Comoros has only reached 70% of its potential.

9. Madagascar

Madagascar is not without issues, despite having a higher IQ than other African nations. Students must attend school from the age of six to thirteen. After that, the wealthy are typically the ones that pursue education. In terms of financing for education and other resources that may be allocated to education, Madagascar’s political unrest has also had an unexpected impact.

10. Uganda

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to Uganda, and this part of the continent has been the subject of numerous IQ tests. Africans are reported to have a 20% dropout rate, which may contribute to the continent’s lower IQ than other regions of the world. Uganda may have a lower IQ than other countries for a number of reasons, including financial difficulties, a dearth of teacher preparation, and the obstacles that many girls must overcome to pursue an education.

11. Egypt

It was well known that the ancient Egyptians were very intelligent. They applied their knowledge to create innovations in astronomy, medicine, and other spheres of human endeavour. Additionally, that historical thread has persisted into the present. It is stated that the average IQ in Northern Egypt is greater than in the Southern half of the country due to socioeconomic reasons and regional education. Although there are numerous explanations, higher IQ is typically associated with socioeconomic status, diet, and education.

In summary

There you have it: these 11 African nations have the highest IQs. These nations have ranked first in Africa according to IQ tests, which are used to measure intellect for a variety of purposes. Several variables contribute to this, including socioeconomic status and a strong education.

Highlights of the Countries in Africa With the Highest IQ:

Country Average IQ
Mauritius 86.56
Libya 80.92
Tunisia 79.22
Sudan 78.87
Chad 78.87
Seychelles 78.76
Senegal 77.37
Comoros 77.07
Madagascar 76.79
Uganda 76.42
Egypt 76.32