Discover the 10 Tallest Buildings in Arkansas

Natural adventure areas abound in Arkansas. One such area is the Buffalo River in Ponca, which offers some of the best whitewater kayaking in the country when the snowmelts upriver. One more of Arkansas’s natural wonders is the brutally harsh and incredibly gorgeous Ozark Mountains. But that’s not what we’re going to be talking about today. The urban jungle is a different kind of Arkansas that is examined in this article. Let’s examine the top ten structures in Arkansas.

1. Arkansas State Capitol – 213 Feet

Before the business was given control of the poorly executed project that another company had started in 1899, the State Capital Building of 1915 was a political and construction mess. The authorities in charge of managing funds for the pay-as-you-go building of the new State Capital failed, as is often the case with well-laid schemes. This led to the development of the “Boodle Scandal.” After the incident and drama, the structure was eventually finished, and it is claimed to still have the same appearance as it did in 1915.

2. 300 Third Tower – 218 Feet

At least 85 people live in the enormous 300 Third Building in Little Rock’s River Market District. The elegant high-rise condominiums’ 18 stories provide tenants a breathtaking view of the state capital. Since it was constructed in 2007, the building has not been there for very long. Innerplan Office Interiors was formerly housed in the Third Building. The first floor of the opulent condominium building is home to Arkansas’s own Copper Grill and Grocery, where residents and visitors may dine or shop. Residents also enjoy complete access to the building’s outdoor pool. The condo also features a rooftop deck, party area, wine and spirits store, fitness centre, spa, and salon in case you’re ready to move in.

3. Cathedral of St. Andrew – 231 Feet

The cathedral, built in the style of Gothic Revival, is quite old and very spectacular. The bell tower was finished in 1887, and the church was consecrated to St. Andrew in 1881. The Fourche Mountains, which are part of the Ouachita Mountains in the north, are the source of the rusticated granite. The church’s interior seating is little, but the bell tower’s bell is large. The heaviest bell weighs about 3,400 pounds.

4. River Market Tower – 240 Feet

The River Market Tower’s expansive 20 storeys are lined with opulent condos. It includes 130 condominiums in total with very great amenities. Tennis courts, basketball courts, gardens, an outdoor fire pit, an event centre, a swimming pool, and a fountain are all located inside the structure. In addition to condos, the area has eateries and retail stores, meaning that inhabitants seldom ever have to leave their houses to enjoy activities that would typically require going outside.

5. Tower Building – 300 Feet

When the massive 18-story Tower Building was finished in 1958, it was Little Rock’s tallest structure. When the structure was first constructed, the architect said that Arkansas had to have a skyscraper in order to be considered a major future economic centre. When it was first opened to the public, it also had a statue and fountain named “Quest.” In 2011, the statue was relocated to the Petit Jean Mountain Rockefeller Estate. Not too bad for the structure that used to be the tallest skyscraper in Little Rock—it comes in at number six on our list of the tallest buildings in Arkansas!

6. One Union National Plaza – 331 Feet

Constructed in 1969, the One Union National Plaza building boasts an astounding 21 stories! When it was constructed, the structure was reputed to be the tallest in the state. Though it’s not the highest structure in Arkansas right now, it’s still in the top 10 on our list!

For those attending conventions from out of state, this historic structure is ideally located just six miles from the Little Rock Airport. Situated in the centre of the capital city, the Convention Centre is just six streets away from the Plaza. Currently, it houses office space ranging from tiny to large offices as well as conference centres that may be rented.

7. Stephens Building – 365 Feet

The Stephens Building in Little Rock is a stunning 25-story office structure with windows that reflect light. In 1985, it made its formal corporate debut. Still, it wasn’t always known by this name. Originally called the First South Building, it was subsequently renamed the Rogers Building. Afterwards, Stephens Inc. and Doyle Rogers Company bought it. Additionally, it has a sizable 740-space parking garage for its tenants. Historic structures like the Old State House, Pulaski County Courthouse, and Capital Hotel encircle it.

8. Bank of America Plaza – 375 Feet

The entire 25-story Bank of America Plaza was constructed in 1969. Initially, it was called the Worthen Bank building. Up until 1975, it was the highest structure in Little Rock. After the previous owners defaulted on a $8.4 million debt, 200 West Capitol LLC bought the building from First Security Bank in 2022. Because of the prior owner’s negligence, the Wright Lindsey Jennings law firm filed a lawsuit because necessary maintenance and repairs were neglected.

9. Regions Center – 454 Feet

When the enormous 30-story Regions Centre was constructed in 1975, it was the highest structure in Arkansas until the Simmons Tower was constructed in 1986. With floor to ceiling windows, the massive structure stands out against the Little Rock skyline. In 2022, a New York hedge firm bought the building through Taconic Capital Advisors. According to the corporation, improvements will be made to guarantee that the cutting-edge, safe building stays at the top of its class.

10. Simmons Bank Tower – 547 Feet

For the time being, this is the largest and tallest structure in Little Rock. Built in 1986, this 547-foot-tall structure contains 40 floors. The initial cost was an astounding $72 million, yet it was finished in less than two years. In 2014, the structure known as the Capital Tower was renamed as Simmons Bank Tower. Situated directly across the street, the skyscraper was 92 feet taller than the previous record-holding structure, the Regions Centre. Since the now global franchise was founded in Little Rock, the tower was dubbed the TCBY Tower in 1991. During his 1995 rampage, Timothy McVeigh had scouted out the building as a possible target, but he had opted against it because of the floral business on the first level.