Discover The 10 Coldest States In December

For most of the country, December is a chilly month. As a result, there will be significant snowfall or intense rainstorms in numerous states. Compared to other calendar months, it makes the holiday season a little more uncomfortable.

Which states, however, are the coldest? We’ll respond to the query today. Our goal is to present the ten states that are the coldest in December along with an average monthly temperature for each. Furthermore, we will make use of information gathered on a 20-year model by Extreme Weather Watch from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Some states you would not think barely made the top-10 list, just to give you an idea of how frigid they can get. These states, which placed 11–15, were Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, and Washington.

1. Idaho

This month sees a heavy snowfall, offering plenty of skiing chances.

Idaho is the first state on our list. This state is home to 1.9 million people on average. As a result, everyone gets to enjoy the chilly winters that begin in December. The average low temperature drops by sixteen degrees, while the average high temperature is typically close to freezing.

In Idaho, during the winter months, wildlife typically hides or hibernates. A grizzly bear will therefore probably hibernate this month. Even animals find it uncomfortable because of the extreme cold. Idaho is therefore logically among the coldest states in December.

2. Vermont

It’s crucial to dress warmly in Vermont in December because the average high temperature is 32.2 degrees and the average low is 15.8 degrees.

In Vermont, the holidays are pleasant. It can, however, also get exceedingly cold. The average high is little over freezing, and nighttime lows are even lower. In December 1933, Vermont saw an exceptionally low temperature of -50 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a Hazard Assessment.

December is even colder in the coldest part of Vermont because of its closeness to Canada. Generally, Vermont’s ranking among the coldest states in December is not surprising.

3. Wyoming

In December, Wyoming’s average high temperature is approximately 32.2 degrees, while the average low temperature is 11.3 degrees. Therefore, it’s advisable to be ready for any potential snowstorm, especially if you’re going to Yellowstone National Park.

Unless you are prepared for the cold, you should generally avoid visiting Yellowstone National Park in December if you have any plans to visit. December’s average high temperature is 32.2 degrees, while the lowest temperature is 11.3 degrees. In other sections of the state, it is not much warmer. In fact, the temperature in Casper, Wyoming, hit an all-time low of -42 degrees in December 2022.

4. South Dakota

In December, South Dakota experiences an average high temperature of 31.9 degrees and an average low temperature of 12.1 degrees.

In South Dakota, the average December high falls just below freezing. The temperature then decreases by 20 degrees at night. The National Weather Service claims that 1983 had the coldest December on record, with an average high temperature of just 2.1 degrees.

There are now 895,376 people living in South Dakota. Because of this, every December these residents have to put up with a chilly December that fluctuates in temperature. One of the coldest states in December is South Dakota.

5. Montana

In December, Montana typically has highs of 31.4 degrees and lows of 12.8 degrees.

December in Montana brings extremely cold temperatures. It is therefore not shocking that it is included on this list. The average high is below freezing, and the temperature drops considerably farther at night. This state is home to 1.1 million people, and every December, colder weather is predicted.

6. Maine

In Maine, December temperatures typically range from a high of 14.5 to a low of 30.7.

Fifth on our list is the state with the highest elevation in the union. Maine is still quite chilly in December, even though it’s not the coldest state. Its high is 30.7 degrees on average, while its low is 14.5 degrees. As a result, it is common for blizzards to begin in December. One of the coldest states in December is Maine, where bad weather starts in December and lasts for several months.

7. Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, December temperatures typically reach a high of 29 degrees and a low of 13.8 degrees.

If you’ve ever seen the Green Bay Packers, you are aware of how chilly Wisconsin’s “frozen tundra” can become in December. Remarkably, the National Weather Service referred to the December 31, 1967, Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys game as the “Ice Bowl” because the temperature dropped to -13 degrees with a wind chill of -36 degrees. Wisconsin is one of the coldest states in the union with an average high temperature of 29 degrees and low temperature of 13.7 in December.

8. Minnesota

In Minnesota, December typically sees an average high temperature of 24.5 degrees and an average low temperature of 8.4 degrees.

Minnesotan weather can be quite cold at times. The average low is 8.4 degrees, while the high is 24.5 degrees overall. It is also one of the most populous chilly states in the US, home to 5.7 million people. While other animals, like black bears, will hibernate in December, bison will continue to roam around despite the bitter cold.

9. North Dakota

In December, North Dakota typically experiences a high of 24.5 degrees and a low of 6.8 degrees.

North Dakota is the penultimate state on this list, and it makes sense. December typically sees a high of 24.5 degrees and a low of 6.8 degrees. Remarkably, the National Weather Service reports that Williston, North Dakota, had a monthly low of -50 degrees in December 1936—the coldest December on record for the state. North Dakota, which is home to about 774,948 people, takes great care to get ready for the harsh winter that always arrives in December.

10. Alaska

In Alaska, the average low temperature in December is as low as.7 degrees, and the average high temperature is 13.2 degrees.

Compared to the other states on this list, Alaska has the lowest December temperatures. Let’s start by examining the average scores. Alaska typically experiences a median high temperature of 13.2 degrees in December, which is nearly 20 degrees below freezing. It experiences an average low of 0.7 degrees as well. 1964 saw the coldest December on record, with a chilly low of -70 degrees. Parts of Alaska have consistently dropped to that level throughout time. Alaska is the coldest state in December because of the frequent blizzards and constant low temperatures.