Discover Pepper X, the World’s Newest (And Hottest) Pepper

The world’s spiciest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, was surpassed by a new pepper only this year. With a pungency of 2.69 million Scoville heat units, Pepper X has been a long time in the making and has topped the spice charts.

How was Pepper X created? First of all, what are Scoville units anyway? Get all the answers you need to know about the newest pepper in the world by reading on.

History of Pepper X

Ed Currie, a breeder of chili peppers, created Pepper X. Ed Currie is well known for producing some of the world’s spiciest peppers. As a matter of fact, this chili guru also bred the rival pepper, the Carolina Reaper!

It took more than ten years to make Pepper X. Ed Currie cultivated almost a hundred different peppers every year. Not all pepper breeds result in hot, successful hybrids. In order to select the best peppers to cultivate and crossbreed over a ten-year period, Ed Currie bred an enormous number of peppers.

The chemical compound in chili peppers that gives them heat, or pungency, is called capsaicin. Currie deliberately cultivated hybrid peppers with extraordinarily high capsaicin content. The outcomes of the hybrids’ breeding and growth were increasingly piquant.

Pepper X’s surface area contributes to its hot flavor. The wrinkles on spicy peppers enhance surface area. Spicy peppers are commonly wrinkled. More spaces for spices to fill correspond to a larger surface area. The main source of spice in Pepper X is found in its locules, or the parts that hold the seeds. Greater room equates to more capsaicin!

What Are Scoville Units?

Pungency, commonly referred to as heat or spice level, is measured in Scoville units. These days, a chemical test that gauges a chili pepper’s amount of capsaicin is used to calculate Scoville units. In the past, taste tests were used to determine Scoville units in a fairly subjective manner. Scientists have now created methods for precisely and impartially evaluating Scoville units.

The Scoville heat unit (SHU) scale has a range of 0 to 15,000,000. Bell peppers have a Scoville heat value of 0 since they don’t contain capsaicin. The most spicy substance on Earth is pure capsaicin, which has resulted in a reading of 15,000,000 SHUs.

At 2,690,000 Scoville heat units, Pepper X leads the market in hot peppers. This is on par with the Carolina Reaper, which was once the spicier pepper on Earth. 2,200,000 SHUs is the measurement of the Carolina Reaper.

It is significant to remember that each pepper has a different amount of capsaicin in it. For instance, it’s possible that you’ve experienced a jalapeno that felt much hotter than you’ve had in the past. A jalapeño has a SHU range of 2,500–8,000. This implies that one jalapeño may have three times the heat of another!

How Do You Crossbreed Peppers?

To put it simply, peppers are crossed by fertilizing another breed of pepper with the pollen of the original pepper. This can occur inadvertently when two different kinds of peppers are planted next to one another, or purposefully, as in Ed Currie’s case.

That being said, pepper breeding occurs at a somewhat counterintuitive time. You could assume that, for example, crossing a bell pepper and a jalapeño will result in a mixed breed the next year. That isn’t the case, though.

The genetic traces of the hybrid pepper can be found in the seeds of the crop harvested the next year. Thus, even though your jalapenos and bell peppers will continue to taste and look the same, you will have produced a hybrid when you sow the seeds of those crossbred plants. That makes it simpler to see why Currie needed ten years to complete Pepper X. Crosses between hybrids take time to form.

While there are other methods for cross-pollinating peppers, Currie use a delicate instrument: a paintbrush. Using a paintbrush, he takes the pollen from one variety of pepper and fertilizes another.

What Happens When You Eat Pepper X?

Try some of the spiciest peppers available, but proceed with caution as eating too strongly spiced food might cause physical harm.

Pepper X has a lot of heat. Researchers are always looking into the consequences of consuming very strong peppers, such as the California Reaper, and Pepper X appears to have some unpleasant bodily side effects. Though you should anticipate a fairly high degree of general discomfort from the use of such a spicy pepper, abdominal cramps appear to be the main complaint.


Ed Currie proved his genius once more by creating some incredibly hot peppers. The scientific (and possibly culinary) achievement of creating Pepper X is astounding. As usual, proceed with caution if you plan to consume these hot peppers! Strangely enough, they might not make you feel as hot!