Discover Just How Tall Mount McKinley Really Is

One of the three highest mountains in the world is located in North America. Everest is located in Asia and stands 29,031.7 feet tall. Aconcagua is a 22,837-foot mountain in South America. At 20,310 feet, or 3.84 miles, high, Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America.

Mount McKinley

The mountain range known as the Alaska Range includes Mount McKinley, currently called Denali. It is situated in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve. The American Cordillera’s North American division include the Alaska Range. A network of mountain ranges is known as a cordillera. The American Cordillera stretches from Alaska to Antarctica along the western side of the Americas. The peak is situated above the Denali Fault to the west of Anchorage. This fault extends in an arc from middle Alaska to British Columbia.

The Koyukon term for “tall” is denali. Bolshaya Gora, which translates to “big mountain” in Russian, was the name given to the region when it was annexed by the Russian Federation. The mountain wasn’t given the name McKinley until 1896, when a gold prospector named it after the future president William McKinley. President Wilson’s signature of the Mount McKinley National Park Act in 1917 marked its official establishment.

What Is The Difference Between Mount McKinley And Other Mountains?
Alaskan mountains

Alaska is home to the majority of the country’s tallest mountains. Three mountain ranges contain the five highest mountains: the Saint Elias Mountains, the Wrangell Mountains, and the Alaska Range, which includes Denali.

Mountain Peak Range Elevation
Denali Alaska Range 20,310 feet
Mount Saint Elias Saint Elias Mountains 18,009 feet
Mount Foraker Alaska Range 17,400 feet
Mount Bona Saint Elias Mountains 16,550 feet
Mount Blackburn Wrangell Mountains 16,390 feet

Others in the U.S.

The tallest mountains in the United States are found in the west. The tallest mountains in four other states—Colorado, Wyoming, California, and Washington—are compared to Denali below. As you can see, none of the mountains in the lower 48 are as tall as the second through fifth tallest mountains in Alaska.

Mountain Peak State Mountain Range Elevation
Denali Alaska Alaska Range 20,310 feet
Mount Whitney California Sierra Nevada 14,505 feet
Mount Elbert Colorado Sawatch Range 14,440 feet
Mount Rainier Washington Cascade Range 14,417 feet
Gannett Peak Wyoming Wind River Range 13,809 feet

Wildlife You May Encounter on Mount McKinley

Mammals like caribou, moose, and thin horn sheep can be found on the slopes and close to the summit of Mount McKinley. The brown bear, grizzly bear, red fox, coyote, and gray wolf are examples of predators. North American porcupines, muskrats, hoary marmots, collared pikas, red squirrels, arctic ground squirrels, and American beavers are among the other mammals.

The following birds can be seen over Mount McKinley: bald eagles, Wilson’s warblers, Canada jays, spruce grouse, willow and rock ptarmigans, and Savannah sparrows.

The foothills of the mountain are home to wood frogs, but amphibians and reptiles do not precisely thrive there.