Discover Just How Tall Mount Bierstadt Really Is

There are many towering mountain peaks in Colorado. The “fourteeners,” or mountains with peaks higher than 14,000 feet, are the most striking peaks in the state. While it is one of those high peaks, Mount Bierstadt is not the state’s tallest mountain. Find out the exact height of Mount Bierstadt, its relative height to other mountains in the state and the country, and more!

Where Is Mount Bierstadt on a Map?

In the Mount Evans Wilderness, which is essentially in central Colorado, sits Mount Bierstadt. The Rocky Mountain Front Range is where the top is situated. The mountain is located close to multiple other mountain summits and around 40 miles southwest of Denver. The nearest peak is Mount Blue Sky, which is located slightly over a mile to the northeast. Mount Bierstadt is surrounded by Mount Warren, Geneva Mountain, Rosalie Peak, and Gray Wolf Mountain.

Although there are many other mountain peaks nearby this specific peak, you may get a decent notion of its location from the map above.

How Tall Mount Bierstadt Really Is

According to data from the National Geodetic Survey, Mount Bierstadt is 14,065 feet tall.There are 53 fourteeners in the state of Colorado, including this one. The mountain is 1.12 kilometers isolated, with a prominence of only 720 feet. Compared to most other fourteeners in the Centennial State, this one is shorter. Having established the actual height of Mount Bierstadt, let’s examine some of the mountain’s other features in more detail.

Regarding Mount Bierstadt

One of the most popular mountains to climb in the Front Range is Colorado’s Mount Bierstadt, a fourteener. Among Colorado’s fourteener mountain peaks, some climbers believe this one to be the easiest to summit.

The peak retains Albert Bierstadt’s name because he was the first person to reach the summit officially. That was the journey he embarked on in 1863.

Nowadays, Guanella Pass, which is located northwest of the mountain’s peak, is where a lot of climbers begin their ascents. They then depart for the Bierstadt Trailhead, where they must climb for approximately 3.6 miles each way in order to reach the summit of the mountain.

Hikers who have extra energy can carry on after reaching the peak of Mount Bierstadt. They can go to the neighboring Mount Blue Sky by following The Sawtooth ridge after summiting this fourteener. However, this path can be dangerous for beginner climbers, therefore only those with extensive climbing and trekking experience should utilize it.

Comparing the Height of Mount Bierstadt to Other Colorado Mountains

Rank Mountain Height
1. Mount Elbert 14,440 feet
2. Mount Massive 14,428 feet
3. Mount Harvard 14,421 feet
4. Blanca Peak 14,351 feet
38. Mount Bierstadt 14,065 feet

By determining the actual height of Mount Bierstadt, we are able to make comparisons with other peaks in the area. There are many towering mountain peaks in Colorado. Mount Elbert is the highest mountain summit in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. At 14,440 feet, that mountain is over 400 feet higher than Mount Bierstadt.

In Colorado, there are numerous fourteeners that are higher than Mount Bierstadt. When it comes to the state’s tallest mountain peaks, Mount Bierstadt actually comes in at number 38. There is not much of an elevation difference between these many mountains, as the list above illustrates.

Another mountain in the Front Range is Humboldt Peak, which is ranked 37th in Colorado’s fourteeners. At 14,070 feet, this mountain is only 5 feet higher than Mount Bierstadt. A new measurement of the mountains might result in a different arrangement of some of them because of how closely spaced apart they are in height.

Comparing This Peak to the Tallest in the United States

Rank Moutain Height
1. Mount Denali 20,310 feet
2. Mount Saint Elias 18,455 feet
3. Mount Bierstadt 14,065 feet

Thus, Mount Bierstadt is a notable mountain summit. It’s not the state’s tallest mountain, though. Furthermore, it is a long way from the highest mountain in the US. The Alaskan high peak Mount Denali is deserving of the distinction. At 20,310 feet high, Mount Denali—formerly known as Mount McKinley—is the highest peak in Alaska!

Hence, the highest mountain peak in the US is over 6,000 feet higher than Mount Bierstadt. In addition, it is approximately 4,000 feet lower than Mount Saint Elias, the second-tallest mountain in the United States. Compared to the truly big mountains, Mount Bierstadt is somewhat shorter, despite its great height.

Which Animals Are Found Close to Mount Bierstadt?

There are a lot of animals in the vicinity of Mount Bierstadt. Here are some examples of the animals that live in this region:

  • Bighorn sheep
  • Mountain goat
  • American pika
  • Prairie lizard
  • Mule deer
  • Canada jay
  • Western terrestrial garter snake
  • American black bear
  • Pacific marten

There are numerous other animals that reside in this area as well; these are just a few that flourish here.

It should be evident that Mount Bierstadt is a really spectacular peak now that we are aware of its true height. Not only is it one of the nation’s very few mountains rising to a height of over 14,000 feet, but climbing it is just fairly challenging. There is a wide range of fauna on the mountain. However, don’t expect this mountain to rank first on any ranking of the state’s or nation’s highest summits.