Discover Common Boerboel Colors and Markings

Given that they are among the largest dog breeds worldwide, it is evident from their appearance and build that these fearsome protectors are descended from the mastiff. Boerboel colours differ in terms of markings and colouring. Which of the following is your best choice?

A Brief History of the Boerboel

This crossbreed of mastiffs and bulldogs has a rich and varied past! In the 1600s, the name “Boerboel” was first used in Afrikaans and Dutch in South Africa. Boer is the term for “farmer,” and boel is the word for “dog.” Large estates and farms would be protected from big game like lions by this breed. They have powerful bones, well-toned muscles, and a short, silky coat. They therefore need a lot of exercise and activity! Since they can be somewhat obstinate, it’s important to begin training them early in life.

Boerboels can weigh up to 200 pounds and range in height from 22 to 27 inches. Boerboels are recognised for having a strong disposition and having an average lifespan of 11 years. For many farmers seeking home defence as well as predator protection, these dogs continue to be the ideal option.

They are renowned for being incredibly loving with youngsters and for their amazing intelligence and loyalty. Because boerboels have strong protective instincts, it’s important to teach them how to accept and interact with visitors in their homes. These kind giants are devoted and full of love in spite of everything!

Boerboel Coloring and Markings

The Boerboel breed saw the start of standardisation efforts in the 1980s, and because to the unwavering efforts of breeders and fans, the breed’s popularity quickly extended throughout the United States. It wasn’t until 2015 that the American Kennel Club (AKC) fully recognised the breed. Owing to the breed’s widespread appeal, some breeders attempted to capitalise on the circumstance by producing “rare” hues, with black being the most notable. Disagreements about this colour led to the dissolution of numerous breeding groups, and it is neither historically correct nor acceptable. The official Boerboels colours are listed here.

Reddish Brown

The various markings associated with this breed add to each dog’s individuality! Every dog will have a different pattern of markings, giving its coat a distinctive and lovely appearance.

White markings
Irish marked
Black mask

Caring for Your Boerboel’s Coat

Bathing your Boerboel should only be necessary once a month. It’s possible that some dogs can even go longer between baths, which is always good for their skin. Dogs’ natural skin oils are removed when they bathe, so give them a wash only when absolutely essential to prevent dry or irritated skin. To assist spread their skin’s natural oils more evenly and to get rid of extraneous items, their silky, smooth coats need to be brushed once a week. Use a medium bristle brush or rubber mitt, but watch out for all the hair! Be ready since these pups shed a lot, especially in the spring and autumn!