Discover 8 Fairytale Ski Towns in Pennsylvania

You don’t have to limit yourself to the mountains of the Northeast, Canada, or the Pacific Northwest while organizing a ski trip. Pennsylvania has some extraordinarily stunning — dare we say fairytale — ski communities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Discover eight amazing, mythical ski villages in Pennsylvania as well as the things that make them so special by reading on.

Seven Springs

Skiing is a way of life, not just a pastime, at the Seven Spring Ski Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. This charming resort offers apres-ski activities for the whole family and dozens of slopes to tackle, creating a winter wonderland that lets visitors forget about everyday life.

The town and resort are designed to provide visitors an unparalleled experience. With a variety of eateries including a breakfast buffet, little cafes, pizza parlors, and more, the Main Lodge offers everything you need to fuel yourself for a day on the slopes. After the day is over, enjoy a show or dance party, go bowling, swimming, hot tubbing, or curling up by a bonfire.

The slopes themselves are breathtaking, featuring natural and man-made courses and runs for every skill level.


The Lodges at Gettysburg and Liberty Mountain Resort are both situated in Fairfield, Pennsylvania. Both exude a rustic, mysterious atmosphere perfect for an unforgettable ski getaway that reinvents the mountain experience.

Liberty Mountain Resort’s alluring motto, “Escape to mountains and relax in our Winter Wonderland,” conjures up images of well groomed lines, sunsets over the mountain, and the refreshing sensation of cold air in your lungs as you speed down the slopes, reminiscent of a fairytale.


Tannersville is a small village centered around the Cameback Mountain Resort and is situated in the center of Pocono Township. When the snow covers the slopes in the winter, this year-round resort transforms into a magical destination for skiers. Selected as a 2023 Reader’s Choice winner in the Conde Nast Traveler Awards, Camelback Mountain offers a picturesque ski experience complete with towering pines, cutting-edge lifts, and mouthwatering cuisine.

Enjoy more than a hundred runs on the Pocono slopes during the day. You will find an inner serenity that is uncommon in everyday life when you are alone on the mountain and can only be heard by the crunch of snow beneath your skis or board. The new six-person ski lift on the mountain allows the whole family to enjoy a magical winter day together.

The resort’s dining selections are on par with those in the big cities, after the slopes. Camelback has it everything, including casual barbecues, steakhouses, and late-night sweet treats.


For a family-oriented, fairytale-style ski town in Pennsylvania, look no farther than Blue Mountain Resort in East Stroudsburg. The Blue Mountain Resort has breathtaking routes for skiers, snowboarders, and tubers from practically every viewpoint. After a hard day in the cold, the resort’s cozy and satisfying Mountain Dining selections will satisfy your hunger.

Ideal for families of all sizes, Blue Mountain Resort offers a range of magnificent lodging options, including camping and glamping.


Take a step back in time for a winter adventure at the Ski Sawmill Family Resort in Morris. Morris captures the nostalgia of weekend snow getaways with friends and family in his chalet at the base of the slopes and his quirky Farmhouse and Lodge.

There are 12 courses on the modest ski slope, with a 515-foot vertical drop. The trees that line the hills are covered in snow and sparkling ice in the winter, making for a royal-quality winter promenade.


Thanks to Montage Mountain, skiing and snowboarding have grown in popularity in Scranton. This little cabin resort, easily reached from major cities like Philadelphia and New York, offers 26 distinct routes, two terrain parks, and some of the most breathtaking views in the Mid Atlantic, with 1000 vertical feet overlooking a valley covered in snow. In addition, the resort boasts one of Pennsylvania’s longest snow tubing routes, so you can take in the scenery while sliding through the powder.


Once recognized as the Ski Capital of the state, Laurel Mountain near Boswell is the skiers’ destination in Pennsylvania. Enjoy a unique skiing experience where the sound of laughing reverberates across the snow-covered woods and breathtakingly gorgeous slopes. The resort is Seven Springs’ sibling property. It has a couple of food options, but its main draws are the amazing slopes and breathtaking lift views.

Ariel Lake

Lake Ariel is a great destination for a winter getaway in a charming hamlet that resembles a scene from a Hallmark film. Amateur and novice skiers can enjoy the summertime pleasures of golf and beaches, as well as a ski lift and lodge in this small town leisure community. Skiing the hill is more about experiencing the close-knit community of winter sports enthusiasts than it is about bragging rights.

In the Keystone State, skiing

Pennsylvania’s diverse topography, which stretches from east to west, gives its summits and peaks snowy crowns, which allow ski towns to develop all around them. Have a romantic getaway in Lake Ariel during the winter, or take the whole family to Blue Mountain. Anywhere you decide to go, the powder, charming villages, and homey vibe of Pennsylvania’s ski towns will make you feel like snow royalty.