Discover 8 Dinosaurs That Start With Y

The Earth has been home to a wide variety of species for millions upon millions of years. It wasn’t just humans who arrived. Rather, they descended from other living things via evolution. Dinosaurs were among the species that called this planet home. As one of the most majestic and feared animals on Earth, dinosaurs dominated over the rest. Studying dinosaurs can be fascinating, as the Jurassic Park films demonstrate. Both youngsters and archaeologists have found them fascinating. Dinosaurs of several kinds have walked this planet. Now let’s examine the eight dinosaurs whose names begin with Y.

1. Yandusaurus

Yandosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur. It was roughly 9.8 feet in height and was a tiny ornithopod. Moreover, it existed roughly 160 million years ago, during the mid-Jurassic epoch. This dinosaur was discovered by archaeologists in China, and it was called after the Zigong, the location of its discovery.

2. Yangchuanosaurus

During its time on Earth, the vicious Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur was a predator. The dinosaur was a massive theropod, measuring thirty-eight feet in height. In addition, 150 million years ago, during the late Jurassic period, the Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur was alive. Finally, this dinosaur was discovered by archaeologists in China and was given the name Yongchuan after the region where it was discovered.

3. Yimenosaurus

The Yimenosaurus dinosaur was a prosauropod that was 25 feet tall. In addition, the dinosaur was a herbivore that existed roughly 190 million years ago during the early Jurassic Period. In 1990, this dinosaur was discovered by archaeologists in China, where they also discovered a skull and ten incomplete skeletons. They gave it that name in honor of Yunnan Province’s Yimen County.

4. Yingshanosaurus

The Mount Ying lizard, often called the Yingshanosaurus dinosaur, was an armored dinosaur. It existed roughly 150 million years ago, in the late Jurassic period. Moreover, the dinosaur known as Yingshanosaurus was a herbivore. Last but not least, this dinosaur was discovered in China and given the name Yingshan location after the location where the bones were discovered.

5. Yinlong

The archaeologists Xu, Clark, Mo, and Forster named the Yinlong dinosaur when it was discovered in 2006. They categorized it as a dinosaur downsi species.

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The Yinlong, also known as “The Hidden Dragon,” was a smaller dinosaur that was only four feet tall. It was a herbivore that existed roughly 155 million years ago, at the middle of the Jurassic period. Moreover, this dinosaur was discovered in China by archaeologists. Remarkably, the Yinlong dinosaur is a ceratopsian and among the first known ceratopsians.

6. Yuanmousaurus

The Yuanmousaurus dinosaur was named by scientists after the region in which it was discovered. Within the class of reptiles, dinosaurs are among the tallest animals. Moreover, the Yuanmousaurus dinosaur was a herbivore that flourished in the mid-Jurassic period approximately 170 million years ago, with a massive length of 55 feet. Finally, fragmentary remains were discovered by archaeologists in China.

7. Yunnanosaurus

The Yunnanosaurus dinosaur, also called the Yunnan lizard, was a rare kind of omnivore that consumed both plants and other living things. Standing at a height of 22.9 feet, it was considerably taller than a lot of the other dinosaurs. Moreover, it lived 200 million years ago, during the early Jurassic period. When the Yunnanosaurus dinosaur was found in China in 1942, archaeologists identified it as a species of dinosaur belonging to the Huangi type.

8. Yutyrannus

The Yutyrannus dinosaur, sometimes known as the “feathered tyrant,” was a massive theropod that was discovered in northern China by scientists. The dinosaur stood up to 24.6 feet tall and weighed an incredible 2,425 pounds. Furthermore, 125 million years ago, during the early Cretaceous period, the predatory Yutyrannus dinosaur existed. Surprisingly, archaeologists found that the Yutyrannus dinosaur had longer limbs and three fingers on each hand while belonging to the Tyrannosaur genus.

The Yutyrannus dinosaur was feathered and had two horns near its eyes, among other facts about it that are well known. Yes, it is correct. The largest dinosaur known to have feathers was the Yutyrannus. However, scientists are unsure if it had feathers all over its body or only in some spots. In addition, three specimens of Yunnanosaurus dinosaurs were discovered close to one another, suggesting that this dinosaur was a member of a pack of dinosaurs who hunted together.

In summary

These are the eight dinosaurs whose names begin with the letter Y. These dinosaurs have been discovered by scientists all around China. Among the most intelligent people on the planet are the archaeologists who research dinosaurs and explore different parts of the globe for archaeological finds.The ability to examine dinosaur morphology, diet, and other aspects has allowed archaeologists to learn more about these animals. There will always be a place for dinosaurs as some of the most intriguing animals on Earth.