Discover 5 Cheeses That Start With J

According to, there are currently about 2,000 different types of gourmet artisanal cheese available worldwide. It can be difficult to choose the perfect cheese to go with your meal, especially if you’re not sure what to look for in terms of flavour and texture. Try something different by choosing an alphabet letter and seeing where it takes you. Here are some cheeses that begin with J to introduce you to some new tastes.

Cheeses That Start With J
Jalapeno Cheddar

The first cheese on the list, beginning with J, is jalapeño cheddar cheese. This flavorful and hot mixture, mostly made in Oregon by Rogue Creamery, results in a semi-hard artisanal cheese. When you bite into it, it has a crumbly, creamy texture similar to many other cheddar cheeses. The colour is a soft yellow instead of the bright yellow of mild or sharp cheddar cheese because of the jalapeño mixing.

Jalapeño cheddar cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s milk and has a kick to it that other cheeses don’t get from other methods. But what makes this cheese different from the others is that it uses a natural kick. Every cheese produced by Rogue Creamery is hand-dipped; however, this specific type needs to be matured in blocks. This cheese is free of gluten and makes using rBST-free, vegetarian-friendly cow’s milk that goes great with chips or burgers.

Jarlsberg Cheese

Jarlsberg cheese is among the most well-known artisanal cheeses that begin with the letter J. Because of the holes, many customers initially think it’s Swiss cheese. Even though pasteurised cow’s milk is used to make it, this cheese is very different. Jarlsberg is a semi-soft cheese with a smooth, velvety flavour that comes from Norway. A lot of people think the flavour is subtle, buttery, and has a hint of nutty flavour with each bite.

It’s pale yellow, not white like Swiss cheese, although it belongs to the same family. The strong fragrance goes well with the slightly sweeter flavour. It is a nutritious and well-balanced snack in addition to melting well during cooking. To really enjoy the flavour of this fairly sweet cheese, one should serve it with a fondue or even a sandwich. It also comes in a variety of shapes, such as wedges, slices, and wheels.

Jibneh Arabieh

Snack on one of the most well-liked cheeses in the Middle East, J-Jibneh Arabieh. It is well recognised in Egypt as well, even though the Arabian Gulf is where it is most popular. This soft white cheese has a milder, less salty flavour, despite the fact that many people compare it to feta. Jibneh Arabieh was originally made with goat or sheep milk, but modern recipes call for cow’s milk.

Jibneh Arabieh lovers use it mostly in recipes. Nevertheless, some people use it as a table cheese because of how well-balanced the flavour is. It is the ideal cheese for knafeh and other pastries that contain cheese because of its subtle sweetness. Jibneh Arabieh is more delicate than it used to be because it now solely contains cow’s milk. However, eating jibni with veggies and olives brings out the inherent flavours of the cheese. Some even have it for breakfast in the morning with their sunny-side-up eggs.


There’s just one spot to acquire Capriole Goat Cheese if you want to try Juliaanna cheese. Experts prefer to incorporate this flavour into their summer recipes, and they pair it well with a decent rosé. Pasteurised goat’s milk is used in place of cow’s milk, as in the case of other cheeses in this lineup. It belongs to the brie family because of its soft texture, which provides a buttery, smooth texture. The flavour has a tangy taste with hints of herbs and mushrooms, even though the butter texture is also there. Although the cheese is not vegetarian, the herbs in the rind intensify the flavours.

The Hungarian intern Julianna Sedli, for whom this cheese is named, began this endeavour as an experiment. The cheese has a smooth and buttery feel after being aged for four to eight months. It has a robust nutty and buttery flavour that is well-balanced with firmness. Juliana used calendula flowers, safflower petals, and herbs from Provence to create the rind.


One of the few other cheeses on this list that isn’t brand-specific is Juustoleipa. Rather, this kind of cheese, which has a semi-hard texture and up to 12% fat content, is mostly from Finland. Juusto is stiff and extremely chewy; unlike soft cheese, it does not slice or spread readily. Its overall flavour, which is balanced between sweet and salty, is white in colour. It is far less smelly than other cheeses when you first inhale the aroma since it is pleasant and fresh.

There are other types of animal milk used in Leipäjuusto than pasteurised cow’s milk. Goat’s milk or reindeer milk may also be used to make the cheese, depending on the manufacturing process. Although it is a cheese bread, it is known as “Finnish squeaky cheese” because of how it squeaks against your teeth. When prepared correctly, the cheese is formed from the fresh milk of a cow that has just given birth, and its flavour is enhanced by toasting. Up to 22% of the finished product may be fat.

Highlights of the Cheeses That Start With J:

Cheese Type of Milk Color
Jalapeno cheddar Cow’s milk Pale yellow
Jarlsberg Cow’s milk Pale yellow
Jibneh Arabieh Goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, cow’s milk White
Julianna Goat’s milk Pale yellow
Juustoleipa Goat’s milk, reindeer milk, or cow’s milk White