Discover 23 Amazing Flowers That Mean Love

Sending flowers as a gift has long been a common way for individuals to express their feelings. While many flowers can be presented as a loving gesture, some flowers have come to be linked with specific occasions. Let’s talk about these 23 flowers that represent love!

1. Lilac

Early spring is when lilacs blossom, which is why many people identify them with new beginnings or fresh starts. When a relationship is just getting started or is starting a new phase, this is the ideal flower to offer your significant other.

2. Carnation

For many years, carnations have been a popular choice among gift givers and florists. White carnations are more indicative of affection within the family, whereas red carnations are emblematic of intense, passionate love.

3. Roses

A time-honored tradition in love expression, giving red flowers is a traditional gesture. Roses and love have been associated since antiquity in ancient Greece. World History states that “Chloris, the goddess of flowers, breathed life into a woodland nymph who had died” in order to produce a new flower. The goddess of beauty and pleasure, Aphrodite, gave the rose its name by rearranging the letters of Eros, her son and the deity of love and desire. Dionysus, the god of wine and plant life, gave it a lovely perfume.

4. Sunflower

Give a sunflower to a person you wish to spend the rest of your life with because the flower’s primary connotation is eternal happiness. The sunflower also symbolises promises, good fortune, and commitment.

5. Orchid

It’s no secret that of all flowers, orchids are among the most delicate and exquisite. They are also closely linked to love and fertility. The Centre for Research on Reproduction and Contraception states that early Greek parents thought they could use orchid roots to control their unborn child’s sex.The infant would be male if the father consumed huge, fresh tubers, and female if the mother consumed little tubers.

6. Daisy

Daisy is a flower that represents innocence and pure love, while other flowers are associated with passionate, romantic love. These make the ideal presents for kids who are celebrating their achievements!

7. Marigold

Marigolds mirror the sun’s brilliance and vibrancy. They stand for energy, freshness, enthusiasm, and, of course, intense passion. On the other hand, marigolds are connected to bereavement in certain cultures. This flower is sometimes given as a gift when a relationship ends or, in some circumstances, a loved one dies.

8. Baby’s Breath

A bouquet of roses that you purchase will frequently include bits of baby’s breath scattered throughout. This flower is a symbol of hope, beauty, purity, and fresh begins. Due of its innocent connotation, it goes well with flowers that stand for romance and desire.

9. Peony

Peonies are frequently offered as lucky charms. This is the reason that some people may receive this flower when they start a new chapter in their lives. This flower is ideal for engagements, marriages, house purchases, and the arrival of new family members.

10. Forget-Me-Nots

As charming as the legend around the forget-me-not’s association with romance is the history behind these little flowers. Fairfax Gardening states that “A knight picked some blue flowers by the river for his love while he and his lady were walking along the Danube River.” He plunged in and was carried away. Throwing the flowers at her, he exclaimed, “Forget-Me-Not!” She allegedly wore the flowers in her hair right up to her passing. Ladies wore these flowers in the Middle Ages as a symbol of their fidelity and unwavering love.

11. Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum’s huge, proud blooms are a lovely accent to any bouquet. These striking flowers stand for wellbeing, fortitude, joy, and friendship. Giving these flowers as a sign of platonic love is a terrific idea.

12. Lily

Lilies represent fertility and purity, yet their symbolic meanings vary. This is probably partly because of their connection to the Bible—specifically, the Virgin Mary. Flowers of hope are lilies. These flowers are ideal for giving to someone who is starting a new journey.

13. Daffodil

Daffodils are among the first blooms to emerge from the ground after the winter frost. They stand for tenacity, loyalty, new beginnings, and a passion for life.

14. Begonia

Like many other flowers, the colour of a begonia will determine its meaning. Pink begonias are symbolic of naive puppy love, whereas red begonias are symbolic of passion and romance.

15. Water lily

Greek mythology links the hyacinth to rebirth and death. Hyacinths are a beautiful way to symbolise that even if our loved ones are no longer physically present in our lives, they will always be in our hearts and souls.

16. Iris

Most likely, when you think of an iris, you imagine a bluish-purple bloom. But there are more colours available for this flower. Irises in the colours red and pink stand for passion and love.

17. Jasmine

Many people who have smelled the signature jasmine perfume relate it to romance, sensuality, and seduction. In addition, these flowers are associated with hope, fertility, friendship, and pure love.

18. Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom captures the attention of people worldwide despite having a brief blooming period. These flowers are also connected to life’s transient nature.Cherry blossoms tell us to cherish our loved ones dearly while they are still with us.

19. Tulips

Similar to roses, tulips are a well-known representation of love. But in contrast to their counterparts, tulips symbolise a universal love. This flower speaks more of fulfilment, fullness, and unwavering commitment than it does passion or romance. “Overall, the flower is often described as expressing a perfect love,” states the Everhart Museum.

20. Gardenia

A garden is a wonderful way to show someone you have complete faith in them. The gardenia is a flower that can be gifted at many different occasions since, like many other flowers on our list, it symbolises both romantic and platonic love.

21. Buttercup

Many would recall picking the tiny, fragile buttercup blooms from the ground when they were little. As a result, it has unquestionably turned into the embodiment of love, innocence, and wonder in childhood.

22. Heliotrope

The heliotrope, perhaps one of the most romantic flowers ever, is closely associated with spirituality and the divine. Giving this flower as a present conveys a powerful message of unwavering commitment and affection.

23. Bleeding Heart

The way this flower looks gives it its name. These blooms have the appearance of little hearts with “drops” of petal bleeding from them. They stand for forgiveness, and a lot of people think they’re the best example of unadulterated love.

Flower When to Give It
Lilacs, carnations, roses, sunflowers, orchids, baby’s breath, forget-me-nots, lilies. begonia, iris, jasmine, tulip, gardenia, heliotrope, bleeding heart As a romantic gesnture
Carnation, sunflower, daisy, baby’s breath, peony, chrysanthemum, daffodil, begonia, cherry blossom, gardenia, buttercup As a friendly gesture
Peony As a congratulatory gesture
Marigold, hyacinth During a time of loss