December Birth Flowers: Symbolism and Meaning of Narcissus and Hollies

Many people think of December as the month of happiness, family time, gift-giving, and cuddling up on a cold day. Not only do the December birth flowers make exquisite presents for your friends who are Sagittarius and Cancerian, but they also have profound significance!

This December flower, the holly, is a perfect fit for the month’s festivities! As the year comes to a finish, a narcissus joins in to bring a sense of fresh beginnings. Let’s examine the meaning and symbols of December natal flowers!

Meaning and Symbolism of the Narcissus Flower

Winter brings the delicate paperwhite flowers of the Narcissus. The daffodil is among the most well-liked narcissus blooms. These buds naturally develop into white or yellow flowers. In flower marketplaces, certain hybrids develop into different hues.

The Greek god’s son gave the flower its name! Because of his legendary beautiful looks, Narcissus was quickly admired and loved by all women. There is a legend that he returned as this flower after passing away.

It represents fresh starts, devotion, and a passion for art. Owing to its white hue, this flower also represents innocence, purity, and hope. Expert gardeners advise against including this blossom in your landscape.

Narcissus is so poisonous that, despite its beauty, it can kill nearby plants! Don’t include any other flowers in a bouquet with this December natal flower! Anyone born in December would benefit much from these extraordinarily thin and fragile blooms.

Other symbols this flower brings are respect, riches, luck, and charisma. A narcissus flower can be easily recognized by its trumpet-shaped, dazzling white bloom. Individuals with December birthdays are confident, aspirational, and excellent communicators.

The narcissus flower can be the ideal gift and represents all of these wonderful qualities. Use your nose to choose one of these blossoms when you’re shopping! Make sure the scent complements the appearance when choosing one!

The Meaning and Symbolism of Holly Flowers

Holly is one of the most popular plants throughout the Christmas season. Even though it could not have any blossoms, it is regarded as the birth berry for December. The little blooms that a fully grown holly produces draw the pollinators that are most beneficial to your garden.

The berries on this gorgeous plant aren’t actually berries at all, did you know that? They are referred to as drupes and are rather hazardous for human consumption. Holly has a plethora of symbolic meanings!

According to Christian belief, the drupes became white prior to Christ’s crucifixion. At that moment, they turned scarlet in remembrance of his sacrifice and blood. For some, holly is a symbol of safety and security.

This lovely flower for December birthdays represents joy, happiness, and optimism. It is a lovely accent to any holiday décor and a fantastic gift. December babies make wonderful adults!

This flower demonstrates their resolve, diligence, and love of a challenge. They are quite friendly and generous individuals despite these characteristics. Make careful to check the entire plant for insects if you intend to get a Christmas for a loved one who was born in December.

Choosing a December Birth Flower For Your Loved Ones

Are you going to get a narcissus or holly for a friend or relative who was born in December? This useful guide will help you choose the ideal flower for the people in your life!

Grandparents and parents

Getting your December-born parent a white narcissus is a wise decision. For those who have a strong spiritual connection, they are perfect. These flowers, which stand for innocence and purity, are a wonderful gift from a child.

Consider buying yellow narcissus flowers for grandparents who were born in December. You can use these to express to your grandparents how happy they are in your life, how grateful you are for them, and how much joy they offer you.


A holly with druids on it can symbolize fertility. They are therefore the ideal present for your spouse. The symbolism of fruitfulness can apply to all parts of your relationship, regardless of whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not!

Friends and Coworkers

Last but not least, these birth flowers can be the ideal present for a friend or coworker who was born in December. The ideal gift for them would be an orange narcissus. This December birth flower’s hue stands for positivity, close relationships, and friendship.

Giving them something that truly captures who they are is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their presence in your life, and they will feel valued.