Current group discussion topics for SSB 2016 – 2017

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Ami This item is on various subjects GD. As we know G. D. is the first race of the GTO series. It is an informal discussion group members on a given topic. There are two discussion tables candidates get the first choice and second candidates discussion not given a choice. In general, both have three sub-themes. Therefore, the discussion is given 15 to 20 minutes to discuss.
List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2016-2017
This demonstrates the knowledge of the candidate news, history, and social conscience as well as his / her skills as a grouping coordination group, listening, concentration, communication, tactics of speech, etc. GTO node patience is the skills knowledge and communication. And the good thing is that both can be developed to work. I enlisting some of the topics to help preparation.these to applicants are the following
In recent decades, it has seen indigenous peoples people migrate to cities very fast. According to it is the reason for this exodus?
Corruption in public life has increased in India in recent years; this problem is increasing day by day. Depending on what is driving the corruption factor need in our lives today day or greed?
India has several states and some of them have progressed very quickly, but at the same time, some states have shown slow development. Whichever is the fundamental reason for this disparity?
a sudden increase in divorce cases. What is the reason behind this?
The causes of this rising unemployment?
Which political party will succeed in the coming Lok Sabha polls Congress, BJP or any other?
public violence in our societies caused by various problems. Who is responsible for this attack?
Crime against women to this day. What should we do to empower Indian women?
The migration of populations from Bangladesh to India has been a major problem for border areas and the people living there. This also generates anger in the people of India. What is the solution to this problem?
justice delayed is justice denied agree or disagree?
a permanent seat for India on the UN Security Council or not?
As defense spending can be reduced?
Does the Mayor’s country face a problem?
Who is responsible for crimes against women?
Who is responsible for the poor performance of India in sport?
If India is a country of NAM?
Why unemployment rises?
Why prices are rice?
How the policy can be made clean?
How water scarcity can be solved?
How can women overcome India?
How can India be a superpower?
Do we need small states?
How Indo Pak relations can be improved?
China is a threat to India?
Benefits of SEZ?
IDE is a gain or loss?
AFSPA: -why is needed?
Why do Naxalites increase?
The empowerment of women is an urban phenomenon?
It must be removed from the booking system?
the age of minors should be reduced?
How can we improve relations with foreign countries?
Why the rupee value is down?
How the brain drain can be stopped?

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