Current GD topics for SSB 2017 – 2018 PDF

Current GD Topics for SSB 2017 – 2018 PDF

GD is an essential part of the SSB interview, especially during PPDT and GTO. In this position, candidates can find interview subjects SSB GD for which they could face in 2016. In this post, we will discuss the latest topics of discussion the group of 50 that may arise in an SSB interview or other maintenance for the case. These are the basic themes of GD that are frequently in the Army, Navy and Air Force interviews in the task force. Candidates can prepare for this group of topics for discussion to score good marks in the discussion group.
50 GD Topics for SSB Interview

Planning Committee of the closure. Is this good or bad?
AAP in Delhi. This is a step towards a corruption-free India?
IDE, good or bad.
Indo-US nuclear deal. Is this the right step for India.
Obama in India. Substance or symbolism.
The future of Dassault Rafale Deal.
Agni V ICBM new India-sufficient?
Indians are concerned about national festivals?
RBI hiking interest.
Is it time for Dhoni to withdraw completely?
Does India never reach the World Cup?
Ukraine issue, which will lead to World War III?
They are the United States and Russia on the brink of a new Cold War.
Is it fair that TATA to produce cars for the European market and has not been sold in India?
China dam on the Brahmaputra, which is wreaking havoc on downstream regions of India?
AIB roast problem.
It is underway in Bihar trade Horse (Chief Minister did not have the majority).
UP criminalization of politics.
What does India need in military modernization?
Valentine, is it just marketing?
Where is India in modern literature?
Does the style of Arnab Goswami ethical journalism?
Should we have a national language?
It is a child care room Internet?
Making the act of Indian youth or simply react?
Do you Internet protest against manifestations of real life?
Do we forget our seven sisters?
Regionalism in India. How can we improve it?
Is it right to censor the public display of affection in India?
censorship in the entertainment industry is needed?
Women are underpaid, undervalued and underused.
Is NOTE worth?
Social media is eating real conversation?
communication skills, knowledge of computers and personal initiative are the three greatest needs of young people.
Football is a better than India cricket game?
We have a democratic system, but not democratic values.
Hard work on the chip work.
What is a bigger threat? Naxalites, Maoism or terrorism?
It is shopping online is against local retailers?
Reorganization of states on linguistic lines. Is it justifiable?
Does the Indian education system need reform?
gross domestic happiness and growth of gross domestic product define a country?
Too much money and too much attention to the cricketers given?
Planners are lack of foresight?
Capital punishment.
Good economics is good politics?
If the Indian states give more autonomy?
Does the Indian media play an appropriate role?
Crime against women, whose fault?
Prohibit days like the kiss Valentine’s Day or hug day, restore our culture?
What are the different themes GD found during AFSB or SSB interview, kindly share GD topics in the comments section?

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