Cracked AFSB Interview In My 3rd Attempt From 4 AFSB Varanasi

I began for my third SSB interview at 4AFSB, Varanasi from my old neighborhood Darjeeling. I provided details regarding seventh Feb at 4 AFSB at 6 am and in the wake of finishing the course of record confirmation and temperature check our bunch of 165 up-and-comers were taken for breakfast and afterward at the testing lobby where freshers and repeaters were isolated by Date of Birth. This being my last endeavor my Chest Number was second last.

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Test was held trailed by PPDT, Narration and G.D. I dominated taking all things together. Furthermore, easily got Screened. I alongside 61 different competitors were taken to the Boarding room. Sonu Bhaiya’s fall-in is epic at 4AFSB. We young men lived it up.

After the remainder of 1hr, we were told to answer to the testing lobby again where our Psychology test was to be led. I performed overall quite well. We raced to the feasting corridor after the serious meeting and assuaged ourselves with a lavish dinner. The following day our timetable was for G.T.O. I and my gathering of 7 competitors announced sharp at 6.30 am and went for a thrilling day ahead. Being repeaters we had the option to do all assignments easily. Indeed, G.T.O  was having light minutes by advising the most experienced person in our gathering to do the guidance before the beginning of the action. We did our G.Ds, G.P.E , 4P.G.Ts, H.G.T, Lecturette, Command Task, and I.O astoundingly. I was fortunate to have a helpful gathering. Chest No 56-62: Meerut Guy, Rohan, Brahm, Vishesh, Paaji from Shimla and Myself. Love all of you folks!!! Desire to meet one day once more.

Our Day 3 was planned for a Personal Interview and I had the best meeting of my life. The President of the Board took my meeting and it went on for 1hr, I was glad that I had the option to introduce my best side. He attempted to put me under pressure yet I oversaw well. I thank god for assisting me with noting all legitimately.

Day 4 was off day for ourselves and I played every one of the games and sports accessible to up-and-comers by the board. We played Snooker, Caram Boards, Hand Football(Like Joey and Chandler plays in F.R.I.E.N.D.S), Table Tennis, Chess, Volley Ball, Basket Ball and Cricket, Phew! A tomfoolery and paramount day without a doubt.

The following day was our Conference and we all were holding our pulses. However there were folks who were attempting to act cool by making us snicker even in a major circumstance. My turn came and I needed to sit tight for 10-15 mins before my meeting began and I was immediately barbecued for 10mins. I gave all answers intelligently.

Eventually, D.S.O came and reported the outcome after President’s persuasive discourse.

The second he declared Chest No. 57 and 62 I was happy. We both embraced as we had a similar quarters for 5days. We remained on Podium got congrats and gone on with conventions from there on.

This was my experience of SSB, which made me taste accomplishment after 3years of work. I have been given T.R in Medicals and I have a 1% possibility clearing it. However, the fulfillment that I have now of getting Recommended cannot be evaluated. I will have this as a wellspring of bliss for my entire life. I realize I’m bound for enormous things throughout everyday life. Will endeavor forward for it without thinking back. Much obliged, SSBCrack for sharing my story with the goal that many Future Military Officers get an example from my excursion. Never Stop, Follow God’s Plan!

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