Cow Runs For Safety As Hailstorm Strikes Down

Predators are frequently the first creatures that come to mind when we consider a threat to prey. But animals have to worry about more than just predators to ensure their safety and survival. It is a serious problem for their livelihood to have to deal with Mother Nature’s destructiveness. Pay attention to what this cow must do to survive the hailstorm.

Massive Hailstorm in Texas

This blog post’s security camera transports us to Texas amid a significant hailstorm. The Fox Weather YouTube news channel aired this video on their channel after obtaining it. This news outlet provides information about weather events such as hailstorms, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more from across the country.

Cow Runs for Safety

This cow’s day most likely began like all the others do. Like he did every day, he was probably nibbling on some green grass. He doesn’t stop when it starts to rain a little because he’s used to it. It wasn’t that small, though. It began to pour heavily. Then the cow felt as though he was being struck by tiny stones.

And that’s where the film from this house’s security cameras starts. There’s a swimming pool in this backyard, and enormous hailstones are bouncing off the sky and smashing into the deck, yard and pool.

“A type of precipitation consisting of solid ice that forms inside thunderstorm updrafts” is what hail is defined as. Hail can differ in size dramatically. The heaviest hail ever known to exist came from Vivian, South Dakota, on June 23, 2010. The diameter and circumference of this hailstone were eight inches and 18.62 inches, respectively. It was an enormous one pound, fifteen ounces in weight.

All of a sudden, this big cow starts parading around the garden. He’s struggling to see the hail striking him on his body and is attempting to run as fast as he can. He’s looking for a secure location to set up camp.

How Many Cows Live in Texas?

Worldwide, Africa, Asia, Central America, Eurasia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America are home to cows (Bos taurus) of the family Bovidae. In 2022, there were reported to be approximately one billion cattle worldwide.

Strangely enough, Texas leads the nation in the number of cattle and calves. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, 12.7 million people were thought to exist in 2022.

Typically, cows live in herds of up to 30–70 people. Therefore, it was risky for the cow in the aforementioned video to have walked off. This cow had to locate shelter on his lonesome because he could not find it with the protection of his herd.