Cheapest Guinea Pig To Keep as a Pet

A frequent query from prospective guinea pig owners on a tight budget is where to obtain the cheapest guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), often known as a “cavy.” The clear winner is the American guinea pig, which can be bought for $20 to $50. If not, other test subjects cost more than $50. You may have considered the initial cost of purchasing guinea pigs, but the real long-term expense to consider is the upkeep and general care required. The variety of guinea pig breeds available can be overwhelming to contemplate when making the decision to bring one into the home.

Where Can I Purchase A Guinea Pig?

Note this brief cost snapshot. Guinea pigs are available for adoption at an animal rescue in addition to being sold at pet stores and breeders. The best deal on guinea pigs can be found at Animal Rescue, although the animals there might be older. Asheville Guinea Pig Rescue and The L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue are two examples of animal rescues that are specifically focused on guinea pigs.

If you make some calls to local animal rescues, you may be able to find guinea pigs for adoption. Searching for something that might be free? For a possibly cost-free or inexpensive option for adopting or buying guinea pigs, check out The main options for purchasing younger guinea pigs are typically breeders or pet stores. The guinea pigs they offer are typically more expensive and require veterinary care because they have not been spayed or neutered.

The Value of Bonding and Pairing

Because they are herd animals by nature, guinea pigs perform best in pairs or in larger groups. It’s highly possible that guinea pigs that you buy in pairs or groups have already formed bonds with one another. It is not assured that adding a new guinea to an established herd would result in bonding. As you begin your guinea pig journey, you ready to maintain the health and entertainment of your guinea pig(s). In a herd as a whole, guinea pigs will amuse themselves and each other while living longer, richer lives.

Can I Mix Various Types of guinea pigs?

The various kinds of guinea pigs get along well with one another since they are herd animals. Long-term, they perform best in pairs or more. Remember that it can be simpler to foster a friendship between younger and older guinea pigs. This is crucial if you’re looking to add a companion to an already-existing guinea pig. The cost of purchase is the potential problem.

The least expensive guinea pigs to maintain are American guinea pigs.

Upon closer inspection, the variety of guinea pig breeds available can be overwhelming. The American guinea pig is without a doubt the least expensive to raise. Again, the price range varies depending on where you purchase it, usually from $20 to $50. The lifespan of a guinea pig is 5-7 years as well. An American guinea pig specifically is:

It makes a wonderful first guinea pig and is easy to care for.

Possesses a sizable population in the US.

Has a wide range of colors.

Is quite friendly toward people.

Has a positive attitude.

What are some of the other breeds to know?

a focus on the prices involved in buying the majority of the guinea pig varieties that are available. You might desire something more when considering the cost issue, and it’s always a good idea to be aware of that. The cost of guinea pigs other than American guinea pigs is between $50 to $275. Prices range from low to high on the list.

The luxuriant, silky hair of Peruvian and Abyssinian guinea pigs needs a little more care. Their temperaments are intellectual but fierce. Although they are less frequent, they are generally priced starting at $50.)

Texal, Himalayan, English Crested, and Shelti guinea pigs are some more breeds of long-haired guinea pigs. (Common pricing range beginning at $50).

Hairless guinea pigs are the Baldwin and Skinny Pig varieties. They range in price from $175 to $275 and are renowned for being extremely docile.

Guinea pigs are amazing animals in and of themselves and make wonderful pets. Long-term companions that are well-liked by families and educational institutions alike are guinea pigs. When you first start, look for the most affordable test subject when sticking to a budget. Before purchasing the guinea pig(s), make sure you have a good setup in place and understand that the cost of the guinea pigs will vary and not have to break the bank. The majority of the long-term life span will pass before incurring additional fees related to the guinea pig(s) during their lives.

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