CDSE (Combined Defence Services Examination) : Know Everything about it

Hello candidates, we will discuss the review of defense services combined in this article. We try to cover everything about this review, and we hope that this article will be useful for those who want to know what is CDSE.

What CDSE?

CDSE or combined service exam is a written test which was conducted twice a year, usually in February and August. The notification to the review comes in December and June. This is a way for graduates to choose the defense as their career choice.
Keep CDSE?

It is conducted by the Public Utilities Commission of the Union, UPSC called in abbreviated form.
How to apply?
The application of this test mode is only online. male candidates must pay a minimum fee of 200 to request this test, while candidates and some candidates have a special tariff concession.
Who can give CDSE?

Both male and female candidates can apply for this examination, provided they are eligible by age to a degree.
What are the services that should be applied to?
male candidates may request the Army, Navy (Standing Committee, formed at the Academy (The Standing Committee on the field, officers trained non-Tech Training Academy and the Military Academy of India short service ) naval) and air Force (permanent Commission flight direction only trained staff at the Academy of the air Force). Women can ask the Indian Army, the Board of Directors for the field of technology not short, formed in
What is the age limit CDSE?


19-24 years: Indian Military Academy
19-22 years: Naval Academy
19-23 years: Air Force Academy
19-25 years: the Officer Training Academy
What level of education CDSE?

IMA and OTA: Graduation from a recognized university or equivalent
Naval Academy: Degree with Physics and Mathematics or Bachelor of Engg
Air Force Academy: Degree with Physics and / or Mathematics or Bachelor of Engg
What is the CDSE cut?

The threshold varies between schools. The Air Force is the highest. It depends on the candidates and how the score this year. One may refer to the court of different years and analyze the cut for you

which is CDSE

What is the scope of CDSE?

Indian Military Academy
Naval Academy
Air Force Academy
English (actus reus)
General knowledge (actus reus)
Primary Math (actus reus)
Brands 100 (Total 300)
Officers Training Academy
English (actus reus)
General knowledge (actus reus)
Total 100 points each (200 points)
For each correct answer 3 points is obtained, and a deduction of one point for each wrong answer.
What is the process of CDSE?

written interview is followed by a personality test called SSB. You can get more details on SSB track items on it.

How to prepare for CDSE?

You can follow our blog preparation of the written exam to prepare for the exam. You can get a good book meant to him and start your preparation beforehand. The key is that you must make a systematic and organized preparation. You need to focus on key areas and their foundations.

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