Can Poodles Swim? 6 Important Precautions to Take

Although they have curly, fluffy coats, Poodles could look too “fancy” to go swimming. However, as it happens, poodles can swim. Usually, they come naturally to it.

Poodles As Swimmers

Originally, the Poodle’s job was to fetch ducks from the water for hunters. The German term “pudel” or “pudelin” is whence their name originates. This means “to splash in the water” when translated.

Additionally, Poodles may wear intricate hairstyles that have a functional purpose. The pompons’ positioning aids in shielding the dogs’ internal organs and joints from the chilly water. Poodles’ feet are webbed as well. In the water, this aids their paddling.

Not all Poodles will take a duck to the water, despite the fact that they have a history of being good swimmers. You should take the following safety measures if you wish to take your Poodle swimming.

Go Slowly With It

Depending on their ancestry, certain Poodles may be less confident in the water. Never throw or force your Poodle into the water. To make your Poodle feel more at ease, start by allowing them to wade into shallow water. To transform water time into playing, toss toys in. As your dog becomes more accustomed to the water, keep your time there brief and enjoyable.

Give Your Poodle Various Water Types to Experience

Introducing your Poodle to a variety of water experiences, such as wading pools, streams, and gently flowing water, will help them become accustomed to the water and feel more at ease. Poodles are known to hold strong opinions about things they enjoy and dislike. You may find out what kinds of water they prefer to be in by observing them in various sorts of water.

Keep Your Poodle in a Shorter Coat

Although a Poodle’s coat is designed for water, keeping it shorter might make them more comfortable. A short cut is easier to maintain because Poodle hair tends to mat readily.

Provide Drinking Water

Ensure that your Poodle has access to clean, fresh drinking water that is separated from chemicals and pollutants, regardless of whether you’re bringing them swimming in a lake, ocean, or pool.

Be Aware of the Water Conditions

Keep your dog out of any freezing or potentially violent currents in the water. Your Poodle shouldn’t be swimming in the water if you are afraid to swim there yourself.

Rinse Off After Swiming

After swimming, make sure to give your Poodle a good rinse, especially if the water was contaminated or severely chlorinated. Let your Poodle’s hair air dry completely, or you might need to use a blow dryer if its length is too lengthy. Don’t forget to brush your dog to prevent matting. If you take these safety measures, your Poodle will probably have a great time discovering how much fun water can be!