Can My Marriage Survive Infidelity? 5 Facts

One of the worst things a married person can say is the word “affair.” A couple makes a commitment to one another when they decide to get married. Why, then, is marital infidelity so prevalent? And how can adultery affect a marriage?

Between 20 and 50% of married spouses admit to having at least one affair, depending on whose research paper you look at and what you define as an affair.

Marriage relationships suffer when spouses cheat, causing the dissolution of a once-happily married pair. Trust can be lost, which will then have an impact on everyone in their immediate vicinity.

Children, family members, and friends observe the flaws in the connection they once cherished and become discouraged. Does that imply that other spouses have no chance of surviving marital infidelity?

Let’s examine the many sorts of infidelity and the associated information before deciding whether a marriage may actually survive adultery. In either case, maintaining a marriage through adultery will be difficult.

How can you tell whether your marriage will survive adultery?

It is a difficult pill to swallow to learn that your boyfriend has been cheating on you. It could greatly distress you and

The causes of infidelity in marriages are nearly as varied and special as the relationships themselves, but is there a way to move past this awful circumstance and save your marriage?

If you’re asking, “Can marriage survive infidelity,” consider whether there is clear and open communication between the two people. Reconciliation is feasible if both couples are motivated to explore and confront the causes of the infidelity.

When you and your spouse exchanged vows on your wedding day promising to love one another until death do you part, this may inspire you to strive for a stronger commitment and connection.

Although it’s true that if your spouse cheated on you, they seriously violated their commitment to you, your marriage does not have to terminate as a result.

You will be astounded by the power and persistence you have to fight together to survive infidelity and strengthen your marriage after first deciding to work through the repercussions of the affair.

How many marriages survive infidelity?

Although many people consider infidelity to be a deal-breaker, there are plenty who at least make an effort to keep their word and look for solutions to their relationship’s problems.

Look to specialists who have investigated infidelity and attempted to comprehend its effects on people and their lives if you’re wondering whether a marriage can survive adultery.

According to research, around 34% of marriages that contain adultery end in divorce. However, adultery in a marriage has a detrimental effect on an extra 43.5 percent of marriages.

Furthermore, in 6% of intact marriages, the partner claimed to feel cold toward their spouse.

Only 14.5% of married couples said that they had dealt with infidelity in a way that strengthened their relationship and marriage.

According to the information above, not all marriages that remain intact go in a happy direction even if the majority of married couples do not end up divorcing when an affair is discovered.

Remember that even many marriages that don’t result in divorce are left in a poorer situation after one or both parties wind up cheating on each other when calculating the percentage of marriages that survive infidelity.

5 facts about infidelity

Unfortunately, many people have experienced infidelity, which has the potential to be quite emotionally damaging to them. As a result, many people are eager to dispel the myths around it and learn the truth.

The following information about infidelity might help you put the betrayal you may be experiencing into perspective and understand if a marriage can withstand adultery.

1. Someone familiar

Do spouses cheat on one another with acquaintances or strangers? Research indicates that it’s probably someone they already know. They might have reconnected with former lovers, married pals, or coworkers.

Even if the relationship seemed innocent at first, Facebook and other online platforms made contact with them even more accessible. These make the question of whether a marriage can withstand adultery even more urgent.

2. Types of infidelity

Infidelity can be classified into two categories: emotional and physical. While there is a range between the two and that occasionally involves both, sometimes it’s simply one or the other.

For instance, a wife might confide in a coworker who she is falling for but hasn’t even kissed or had intimate relations with all of her most private ideas and dreams.

On the other side, a husband may not be in love with the woman with whom he is having a sexual relationship.

What form of infidelity was committed would have an impact on whether a marriage will survive it.

A Chapman University study investigated the sorts of adultery that upset each husband. According to their research, emotional adultery would generally hurt women more than physical infidelity would.

3. Once a cheater…

According to research, a person is three times more likely to cheat on their partner in subsequent relationships if they had already cheated on them once.

If you proceed with reasonable care if you know that someone has betrayed the trust of their former relationship, it might help. It can be indicative of a pattern and show whether a marriage with a person like that can withstand infidelity.

Some people will turn to the distraction of someone else’s sexual or social company when things get difficult or unpleasant. They might also decide that monogamy is not for them and devise means of ending it.

4. Predictors of relationships

It can be challenging to predict whether infidelity and betrayal will be a problem in your relationship. But if you closely examine your connection, it can be rather predictable.

According to research, interpersonal characteristics may be able to foretell whether an affair will occur in a partnership.

If you’re attempting to figure out whether a marriage can withstand infidelity, keep in mind that relationship satisfaction, sexual pleasure, length of relationships, and general individual satisfaction can all be indicators of potential adultery-causing negativity.

5. Character indicators

Analyzing a partner’s or potential partner’s personality can also help you determine whether they are likely to cheat on you.

According to research, those who exhibit narcissistic traits and low levels of conscientiousness are significantly more likely to betray their partner’s confidence.

Infidelity is a sign of someone’s disregard for their partner’s feelings and self-centered mentality. Additionally, it might show you whether a marriage can survive adultery.

Is infidelity a deal-breaker?

Some claim that the affair was caused by problems that were already causing the couple to split, while others assert that the affair is the cause of the divorce. In either case, the researchers contend that while half of relationships end, the other half truly continue.

If there are children involved, it tends to have a substantial impact on how many couples decide to stay together after discovering an affair. A married couple without children can divorce with a little less difficulty.

However, when there are children, spouses frequently think twice before dividing the entire family and their assets for the sake of the kids.

The answer to the question “can a marriage survive an affair?” ultimately depends on what each spouse can tolerate. Does the adulterous spouse still love their spouse or has their heart changed?

Marriages that survive infidelity can only do so when both partners are honest with one another and constructively evaluate their interactions. And to that, each person must provide their own response.

How to deal with infidelity if you’re still together.

The most important thing you must do if you and your husband have decided to remain together despite infidelity is to visit a marriage therapist, and you may even want to check into infidelity support groups.

You can work through the problems that led to the affair and assist both of you move past the affair by seeking counseling jointly and independently. In the years following the scandal, reconstruction is the essential term.

Know that a qualified marriage counselor can assist you in overcoming infidelity in your marriage, one brick at a time.

The toughest challenge is getting the cheating spouse to fully accept responsibility and the other spouse to fully extend forgiveness.

So, use patience to find the answer to the question, “Can a relationship survive cheating?” Although it won’t happen right away, devoted spouses can overcome it together.