Can Chickens Eat Strawberries?

Make sure the hens can safely consume anything before giving them anything that isn’t intended for them. You’ll be happy to hear that hens can consume strawberries if you’ve ever thought about giving them fruit.

Why Chickens Can Eat Strawberries

In addition to having the anti-inflammatory compound quercetin, strawberries also include the vitamins A, C, and B9. The growth and development of hens benefit from these health benefits, but because strawberries are heavy in sugar, you don’t want to feed them too many of them. Manganese and potassium, two additional nutrients found in strawberries, support a healthy metabolism.

Instead of including this fruit regularly in their diet, think about offering it to them only as a treat. Because of its high sugar content and lack of essential nutrients, this fruit is best consumed as a treat rather than a substitute for their usual diet.

Guidelines For Feeding Chickens Strawberries

It’s important to think about a few rules before giving your hens strawberries. To begin with, make sure the fruit is free of chemicals or pesticides.

Some would rather cultivate them in their gardens, where they can be sure the plant is safe to eat. If you don’t have a garden or don’t know where to start one, you can use thoroughly cleaned store-bought strawberries.

Not giving it to baby chicks until they are older than six weeks is another rule of thumb. The overripe and soft strawberries are the best once they reach that age since they are easy to eat. For the benefit of the baby chicks, you could also mash the fruit.

Making sure your hens don’t get any mouldy fruit is also crucial. Examining them is essential since their digestive systems are prone to illnesses and bacteria.