Brisket Prices per Pound: What to Expect When Buying Each Grade in 2024

Livestock used to be fed rough, fatty brisket. It was a while before people realised that the tough flesh becomes something delicious when it is cooked slowly. Sadly, the information is now public, and the price of brisket has changed accordingly.

To help you prepare for what to buy at the grocery store, see below for a breakdown of the pricing per pound for beef brisket in 2024.

What Is Brisket?

The beef sliced from the cow’s chest is called brisket. Sixty percent of a cow’s weight is supported by its pectoral chest muscles because they do not have collar bones. Because of this, brisket meat is far harder than other beef cuts.

The muscles of the brisket are divided into two parts: the flat contains more muscles and the point, or decal, has the highest marbling.

By disintegrating the connective tissues of the brisket, low and slow cooking resolves the roughness issue. The meat gets really juicy and tender.

Where Can You Buy Brisket?

It’s easy to purchase brisket; just visit your neighbourhood grocery store. However, because brisket costs vary greatly, shopping around may help you stick to a budget. This is where to search:

Grocery Store Sales Rack

Food that supermarkets must sell quickly is occasionally arranged on tables and sales racks in the rear of the shop. Discounts may also be found right in the meat section. When brisket goes on sale, stock up if you have the freezer space and can afford it.

Membership Warehouse

Sam’s Club and other membership warehouse stores need a monthly fee, but the benefit is that you can buy meat in bulk, which is nearly always less expensive. Brisket and other items may be purchased for less money, thus the cost is justified.

Butcher Shops

You can be sure that the brisket you get from the nearby butcher is of excellent quality. It will, however, probably be more expensive than going to a typical grocery shop like Sam’s Club. Speak with the butcher to find out whether they do any sales.

What Influences the Brisket Prices?

If you search for brisket, a wide range of pricing will appear. Brat costs are influenced by numerous aspects, such as:

Grade: Meats classified as lower quality are typically less expensive than higher-grade cuts, such as USDA Prime.

Location: The cost of brisket depends significantly on where you reside. A customer in Biloxi, Mississippi may pay 50% less than someone in Manhattan, New York.

Fat: Removing excess fat from brisket requires time, which adds to the expense. Less expensive and more flexible in terms of preserving fat content is untrimmed brisket.

Market: Factors such as supply and demand have a big impact on brisket costs. Additionally, wholesalers need to budget for items like operating expenses. For example, if petrol prices rose, it would become more expensive to distribute brisket using trucks.

How Much Brisket Do You Need?

A person will typically consume roughly half a pound of raw brisket. By this measure, if you are cooking for your family of four, you should use at least two pounds of brisket. Four pounds would be needed for a family of eight.

However, there is some flexibility.

You may be serving less brisket to your guests if you’re prepared a large buffet with several different proteins. On the other hand, if brisket and salad is the meal, it’s a good idea to cook more than a half-pound per person.

Brisket Quality and Cost

Brisket is divided into three classes under the USDA meat grading system: Select, Choice, and Prime.

Select Brisket

Average cost per pound: $2 to $2.50

Invest in Select if you want to save money. It is of the lowest grade and contains less of the marbling of fat that gives brisket its juicy texture. You can still make a dish that will melt in your mouth, though.

Select-grade brisket costs between $2 and $2.50 per pound.

Choice Brisket

The average cost per pound is $3 to $4.

Choice-grade brisket is a more costly option. Home cooks like it because it strikes a balance between price and flavour and softness. Plenty of fat in choice slices helps to keep the meat juicy throughout cooking.

Prices for Choice brisket are always changing, but in 2024, consumers should expect to pay $3 to $4.

Prime Brisket

Cost per pound: $4 to $5 on average

Prime cuts contain the highest flavour and marbling, according to the USDA. Many foodies consider it a luxury to splurge on Prime brisket. For certain households, nevertheless, the cost is not justified.

For Prime brisket, you should set aside $4 to $5 per pound.

Whole Brisket

Cost per pound: $3.50 to $14 on average

Cooks with a lot of experience or those who have a large family may prefer to deal with the entire brisket. Prices for whole briskets can be as little as $3.50 per pound, depending on where you buy and the quality of the meat. A pound of Organic Prime whole brisket, meanwhile, could cost $13.

Restaurant Brisket

$20 is the average cost per pound.

Not feeling like cooking? Visit your neighbourhood BBQ joint to get some brisket. This is the easiest option, but it’s also the most expensive. There’s less chance that the eatery may unintentionally dry out the meat.