Border Collie Puppies: Pictures, Adoption Tips, and More!

Border collies are renowned for being intelligent and athletic canines, whether they are herding sheep, surfing a wave, or doing tricks on agility equipment. But just because these frisbee friends are cute and entertaining doesn’t mean that every home should have one of them. Discover all the information you require about border collie pups, such as costs, suggestions for adoption, and training guidance, by continuing to read.

Thinking about Getting a Border Collie Puppy or Adopting One?

The American Kennel Club describes border collies as loving, clever herding dogs who normally weigh between 30 and 55 pounds and have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. These active canines are renowned for being excellent family dogs as they are frequently friendly and simple to train. But, it’s crucial to realize that border collies are energetic dogs who need mental and physical stimulation all throughout their life if you’re thinking about bringing one into your home. A border collie isn’t the dog for you if you’re searching for a couch potato!

The Pawfect Buy: Locating the Best Breeder of Border Collies

You might want to think about buying from an ethical breeder if you’re concerned about your puppy’s health or if you’re interested in a working dog. However, how can one tell the difference between a puppy factory and a moral breeder?

First and foremost, moral breeders care deeply about the wellbeing and prospects of their puppies. This is not a puppy factory; it’s not all about the money. Even before the pup is scheduled to be picked up, some breeders frequently keep the litter in their house and invite you to stop by. Responsible breeders also start the necessary vetting and house training. Furthermore, sincere breeders are able to offer comprehensive and precise medical records for both their puppies and multiple generations of the family line. This guarantees that their breeding lines stop creating potentially harmful health issues.

In the event that something should happen in the future that keeps you from being able to care for the dog, the majority of moral breeders will want you to return the puppy to them. By doing this, they can guarantee that their bred dogs will always have a loving home and won’t wind up abandoned or at a shelter. On the AKC website, there is a puppy marketplace where only litters that have been registered with the AKC can be advertised, in case you’re not sure where to begin or how to search.

Save a Life – Consider Adoption

There are other options besides ethical breeders, even though they can offer excellent guidance on the temperaments and health of the border collie puppies they have available. Every year, almost 3.1 million canines visit animal shelters in the United States, according to the ASPCA. If you are ready to take a modest risk on the health of your new pet and do not require good working lines, adoption is a terrific alternative for adding a new member to your family.

Looking to add a four-legged member to your family? The website Petfinder is a great resource if you’re thinking about adopting. You may refine your search results by distance, breed, gender, age, and even whether or not they get along well with small children and other pets. Across the nation, there are breed-specific rescue organizations whose sole goal is to find dogs loving homes. See this article for advice on how to accept a rescue dog into your heart and home!

Furry Finances 101: The Cost of Border Collie Puppies

Puppy prices for border collies are determined by a number of factors. Adopting through a shelter or rescue will, first of all, save you money up front. Adoption costs in the US often run from $50 to $350. However, you’re more likely to pay between $600-2,000 if you buy from an ethical breeder.

There are still other costs to take into account after bringing your new furry friend into the family. First, you should make an appointment for your pet’s initial examination as well as any necessary booster doses or vaccinations. You’ll also need to spend money on any additional items for your dog that you don’t already have, such food, toys, beds, and crates. Lastly, a lot of pet parents are looking into different pet insurance plans to help them during the new family member’s lifetime. Find out more here about the price of border collies in 2023.

What to Look for in a Border Collie Puppy

It’s the day! After packing the car, you’re off to the breeder or shelter in the hopes of finding your next furry friend. When choosing a border collie puppy, what considerations should you make? Although it can be challenging to get over puppy fever, try not to allow their large eyes, runny noses, and wiggling bodies influence your decisions. It’s critical to first ascertain what will work best for your household. Before taking your new dog home, keep the following in mind:

Independent vs. Social

Are you a single bachelor seeking your new best friend, or are you an active family with multiple kids? Observe how the puppy interacts with its littermates and possibly other puppies from the shelter or rescue. This will enable you to assist in fitting a puppy’s disposition to what your home is capable of providing.

Outgoing vs. Shy/Nervous

If you bring a new pet into a busy home with energetic kids, a scared puppy isn’t the ideal choice. Consider a dog that is more gregarious instead. On the other hand, a more reserved puppy would do better in a calm household with older kids and adults.

Desire to Please vs. Stubborn

Some border collie puppies are more stubborn than others, but the majority of them love training and want to please. When introducing yourself to a new puppy, bring treats along, and see how fast and easily they pick up simple commands like sit. It could be better to stay away from more rebellious puppies in favor of those who are eager to please if you’re new to dog training and don’t intend to enroll your dog in regular obedience sessions.

Border Collie Puppy Health and Care

From the very beginning, you can prepare your border collie puppy for success in life. Your puppy’s health and happiness are extremely important, requiring everything from a balanced food to regular exercise and mental stimulation. Remember these crucial points when preparing to take care of your cherished dog.

Health First

As previously noted, as soon as you bring your new puppy home, it’s crucial to schedule an initial visit with your veterinarian. Even if the ethical breeder you bought from is confident in their breeding lines, you should still take early action to address any prospective health issues. Thankfully, border collies are typically extremely healthy canines. Annual examinations are still advised, though.

Provide an Appropriate Diet

Given how energetic border collies are, it’s critical to offer them a diet that will sustain their high level of activity. Try to provide the same food that the ethical breeder supplied, at least initially, after making a purchase from them. If you decide to change your puppy’s diet, try not to make sudden changes to avoid upsetting their stomach.To see our suggestions for dog food made especially for border collies, click this link.

Canine Cardio 101 – The Importance of Exercise

Border collies are only one of the herding breeds that are trained to work long, hard days. Even if a puppy lacks the endurance of an adult dog, it’s still crucial to give your dog regular exercise to prevent them from growing up to be a master of mischief! Take it gently at first, going for moderate strolls and playing fetch with a beloved toy. To protect their growing joints and muscles, stay away from high-impact jumping and running. Your new pet will eventually be ready for more strenuous activities, including hiking, paddleboarding, or any of the other dog sports that are offered.

Nurture Their Noggins – Training and Mental Stimulation Are a Must

Working a border collie puppy’s brain every day is essential, even at an early age. Your dog will find something to occupy itself if it gets bored, which could result in inappropriate chewing or other bad behavior. Remain steadfast and patient. Make sure to keep training sessions brief and enjoyable, and give lots of positive reinforcement. On really hectic days, think about letting your dog work on a snuffle mat or puzzle toy (under supervision). Instead, think about making your regular stroll into a sniffari!

Shake It Off – The Importance of Grooming

Double-coated dogs with modest shedding are called border collies. Your dog has to be brushed at least once or twice a week to minimize dog hair tumbleweeds in your home and on your clothing. You should also give them a bath every few months and clip their nails once a month. It’s important to start your new puppy off with grooming early to avoid them becoming tough to handle as they become older and bigger. Regular grooming not only keeps your dog clean but also enables you to look for any new lumps or bumps that you might want to discuss with your veterinarian.

Planning for the Long Run – Growth and Milestones

Lastly, it’s critical to prepare for your border collie puppy’s future. These crazy canines have a 15-year lifespan and will need your love and support at every turn. See our post detailing the complete growth pattern and life milestones of these adored herding dogs.

Embark on a Lifetime of Tail-Wagging Adventures

Border collies can be such happy additions to a family; they are active Einsteins with fur. A border collie puppy from a reputable breeder can bring endless happiness and fun to your home, whether you choose to adopt or buy one. Prepare to face the world alongside your new animal companion.