Biggest Christmas Snowstorm to Ever Hit Washington State Was a Holiday Miracle

It goes without saying that snow is the most sought-after Christmas adornment. However, those who reside in Washington State are aware that Santa can be extremely frugal when it comes to snow gifts. Fortunately, there are never any rules. Discover the largest Christmas snowstorm to ever hit Washington State by reading this article.

The Biggest Christmas Snow Storm to Ever Hit Washington

A few days earlier came the largest Christmas snowstorm to ever strike Washington. Starting on December 18, 2009, Snowmaggeon ran until just before Christmas. Nearly 20 inches of snow had fallen on Washington by the time the Snowmageddon ended.

A snowfall that continues to snow for the duration of the event is referred to as “snowmageddon.” When there is just snow during a winter storm and no sleet or ice over, it is referred to as a “Snowmageddon.”

What Was the Worst Blizzard in Washington State?

The January 2012 Pacific Northwest Storm was the deadliest blizzard to ever hit Washington state. Nearly 50 inches of snow fell during the Blizzard, and the storm brought winds of at least 110 mph.

In Britain, the storm had its birth a few days earlier. The weather team started to issue warnings as it soon started to move towards the United States. This powerful storm affected Washington greatly, but it also affected California and Oregon severely. A mother and her child tragically perished when the automobile they were stuck in sank into a creek. During the same storm, a man was killed in Seattle as well.

What Was the Highest Snowfall in Washington State History?

Remarkably, Washington has not yet experienced a greater amount of snowfall than the enormous blizzard described above. In fact, during the snow season that lasted from July 1998 to June 1999, an incredible 1,150 inches of snow were recorded.

What Is the Snowiest Place in Washington?

Make sure you are in the correct region of Washington if you want to improve your chances of having a snowy holiday. In Washington, Mount Rainier and Mount Baker are the two greatest choices. This part of the state receives about 600 inches of snow on average every year.

Surprisingly, they are tied for the most snow worldwide with the Japanese Alps facing Siberia! Why Does Washington See So Little Snow?

It goes without saying that when snow falls in Washington, people take notice of it. Why? Both precipitation and cold air are necessary for snow to form. Snow is therefore an uncommon gift in a state like Washington where the weather is mostly warm.