Best SSB Tips for Beginners and Experts

Best SSB Tips for Beginners and Experts

Name of the interview: Service Selection Board (SSB)

What is SSB?

The Board of Selection Services (SSB), created by the Department of Defense, is responsible for the SSB Interview to assess potential candidates for recruitment in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Landmarks in which candidates are evaluated include intelligence, personality, compatibility, and potential. Therefore, mental preparation is more important than physical preparation, although fitness will be an added advantage.


unmarried graduate appreciation restoration of common services of the defense by the UPSC is selected for SSB interview.

Born January 2, 1991, and not 1 January 1996 or after
If the Air Force Academy, a person must be born after January 2, 1992, and before January 1, 1996
For women:
Born on or after January 2, 1990, and on or before January 1, 1996
widowed or single-end

To note:
NavalAcademy: A Bachelor of Engineering degree.
AirForceAcademy: A bachelor’s degree with physics and mathematics; SER. and B. Tech.
IndianMilitaryAcademyand Officers’TrainingAcademy: Degree or equivalent from a recognized university.

Job Title: After the medical examination and training, candidates are presented as agents.

Notifications: The candidates are intimidated by the SSB interview through call letters. In the case of the appeal, a letter is not received on time after removing the UPSC exam, the candidate must contact the Office concerned.

SSB review schedule

The timing of the personality and the five-day intelligence tests as in:
Day 1: Basic Intelligence Test
Day 2: Assay Psychology
Day 3 and Day 4: Test formal groups (GTO) Activities
Day 5: Conference

A personal interview (PI) can be taken daily from the second to the fourth day.

SSB tips to prepare for the exam

Reaching a day before: Prepare for a five-day program of the SSB. There should be one day before the first day he was informed of the details of the next five days, the code of conduct is maintained, etc.

You can be sure: Maintain a framework of trust and positive mood and believe in their abilities. After all, you are far from thousands of candidates.

First day: The first day of the calendar, the basic skills of intelligence and verbal reasoning and nonverbal are evaluated. You asked to see a picture of a period of thirty seconds to describe it in a story form. Later, the group discussions are conducted in batches to select the most appropriate story. To do well in this section, go through questionnaires in recent years “to get an idea. Solve the roles of different aptitude tests. GDS and participate in debates when the time is achieved. They will improve their verbal skills and non-verbal.

writing practice and analysis: the practice of writing down everything you see, for example, a child playing in the park or a girl on a school bus. Write short stories and manage your time. The history should include seven parameters such as gender, mood, age, character, past, present, and future of a situation that the character of his story is. Analyze history.

Things to consider for GD session:
Do not look at any official telling his story and only after completing it.
appropriate body language must be maintained.
Do not discuss the GD; let others speak, including the weakest.
Wait for the right to put on the strengths of the history that has been written time.
Try to be actively present in the discussion of the officers noticed.

Day Two: The second day is considered very important. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), the word association test (WAT), test the reaction of the situation (TRS) and free description are held, which are part of the psychological process. These are all general psychological tests requiring his attention and concentration.

Self Description: Prepare in advance. Psychologists often found:
Ability to analyze self
Life purpose and determination
Thinking and mentality with regard to parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers, and others.
The perception of how their parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers and others who analyze.

Preparations for the next two days: La Mesa test group activities (GTO) made in the third and fourth days include several groups and outside activities covered by group discussion, group planning the steeple group tasks and the progressive group. Individual tasks are individually Chat, obstacles and individual control tasks. These tests are performed to evaluate as a team player in various situations, as well as an individual. It also assesses his leadership skills and his way of speaking. Perform all tasks in a calm and serene manner.

Maintenance staff: Agents can take your personal interview (PI) on a day between the second, third and fourth days, so mentally prepared.

Day Five: The fifth day usually includes the closing speech by the vice president, conference and announcement of the results, followed by dispersion.

Personality Development: For SSB, is not important to be a very intelligent person, but she has to be strong, mature and have a well-developed personality.

Staying in shape: It is essential to keep in shape so you can easily perform all physical activities. Good health will also help you get a free space in medical tests.

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