Best Brain Teaser Questions for SSB Interview

The analysis of the personality of the SSB is done through various tests and get a perfect match for the armed forces is the ultimate necessity. The basic theory of Mansa and Vachna Karma is used to obtain the correct structure of the personality of the candidate. Here Vachna of the maintenance technicians. The technique here is to find the relationship between what appears to be the candidates what they think (psychology) and what it does (groundwork). The variety of questions asked during the interview is unexpected, but brain-teasing issues out there that need the intense spirit of participation to meet. Some of them are mentioned below.
12 Puzzle SSB Interview Questions In

As a repeater, why not join the army as O and try to ACC and other inputs for the internal commission?
Smoke and drink, even after being aware of its lethal effects. Why are you doing this?
What do you think, having a girlfriend is a waste of time or a need for mental stability?
If you are prompted to choose one of three forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), which will be your choice?
There are several legal cases surfaced in connection with the armed forces and still want to join. Why?
You do not think that you are biased novice division, repeaters and recommended candidates?

Describe in a sentence.
His girlfriend forces him to marry her, but her parents do not accept it. What will you do?
Say 5 -7 uses of this object (which may be a pencil, pen or other casual glass material usable).
If given the opportunity to serve as an officer or an IAS officer of the Armed Forces, then what will you choose and why?
Tell me when incidents 5 lied to their parents.
What was the worst mistake of your life?
Conclusion – We asked the above questions about the candidates to check their mental activity in difficult situations. The answer to these questions depends on the personality and mentality of the candidate. the answers are easy to manufacture broken and difficult to deceive the interviewing officer. Stay relaxed and respond in their own way.



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