Best and Top Military Operations Conducted By Indian Army

Best and Top Military Operations Conducted By Indian Army

The Indian armed forces are known for their involvement in a wide range of tasks and functioning. Not only prevent infiltration and maintaining the security of the nation, these forces are always ahead in neutralizing all kinds of situations that arise in the inner nation. While some have been held outside the nation to manage the situation, she was born of the imbalance of power or critical military circumstances. Some of the operations conducted by the armed forces of India are:
Operation Black Tornado – Held in November 2008, the operation was carried out by GSN in the terrorist attack in Mumbai. 9 hostages Nariman point, 300 of the 250 hostages Taj and the Oberoi hotel were rescued from the site. The operation was conducted successfully and will always remember huge loss of Sandeep Unnikrishnan in this operation.
Operation Vijay – The operation was conducted by the Indian Air Force and the Army in 1999 after terrorists took positions in India. The operation raised the names of Vikram Batra, Manoj Pandey and Anuj Nayyar as war heroes. Many other precious soldiers were killed in reoccupy positions.
Cactus operation – The operation was launched to quell unrest in the Maldives in 1988. A group of people of the Maldives planned to overthrow the government. The analysis of the situation, Abdul Gayoom, President of Maldives then sought the help of India and other countries of southern India. India responded quickly and overcame the situation.
Operation Meghdoot – This operation was carried out to acquire the Siachen glacier after both sides (India and Pakistan) opened the field of mountaineering expeditions. Was launched on April 13, 1984. The Indian Army has taken steps and by region, known as the largest battlefield.
Operation Pawan – Force India conducted the operation in 1987 to LTTE Jaffna. The transaction was completed by the sacrifice of 216 soldiers. The operation was very violent and crucial that relations of India and Sri Lanka.
Operation Rahat – The operation was conducted by the Air Force of India and was a rescue and evacuation of people trapped in the Uttarakhand floods that affect other states in 2013. It is known as the large operation by Indian Air Force in several years. About 20,000 people were transported and 382 tons of relief supplies poured.
Operation Meghrahat – The Indian army launched the operation in response to the flooding that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir in 2014. The army carries out the operation and has saved many lives and blocked civilians working day and night .
Raahat operation – The operation was to save Indian citizens of Yemen after Saudi Arabia began airstrikes in Yemen leading to the sad situation in the region. The operation was led by former Army General VK Singh. The evacuation was initiated by Air India and FAI. Several other nationalities were also evacuated in this operation.

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