Balance in Relationships, Life, and Everything In-between

Balance. Everyone wants it, but few people actually succeed in getting it. One of the most challenging things that couples try to do is find balance in their lives. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and the to-do lists just keep getting longer and longer.

The balance of life is upset when we start to focus too much on the unimportant things and lose sight of the important things, and we find ourselves finishing each day feeling exhausted and empty. We also notice that we are grumpy and irritated with our partners or family. The days start to blend together as we start to just go through the motions. A lack of balance in one’s life might also make one feel worried or melancholy. If this describes you, you’re not the only one! In current society, feeling overburdened by life’s duties is a relatively common emotion experienced by both individuals and couples. Fortunately, it’s never too late to change for the better and raise your standards of living.

Here are some doable yet significant steps you may start taking to start achieving balance in your life.

1. Priorities

Setting priorities for one’s obligations is among the most crucial things one can accomplish. Prioritizing their spouse, social life, children, family, household tasks, or even their job can be difficult.

Couples should consider where they may “let things go” in their hectic schedules. Maybe one night you decide to watch a movie together rather than do all the dishes. Saying “no” to the social event over the weekend might allow you to unwind at home instead. Instead of reading the same bedtime story repeatedly, you might hire a babysitter for a night out. To give oneself a break, you can decide to order takeout one night rather than cooking for the fifth consecutive night. Knowing what is most important to you and your partner is the most crucial aspect of setting priorities. Due to the differences between each pair, each couple will have distinct priorities. Together, make a list of the things you are certain you will not budge on, and then be flexible with the rest. Life will start to appear lot less hectic when you start to prioritize the things that are most important rather than everything you feel you need to do.

2. Keep in mind who you are

Couples frequently lose sight of the fact that they are separate persons from the couple/family dynamic. Remember the time before you had a husband and children when you were all by yourself? revert to some of the same viewpoints. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to check out a yoga class. Maybe you’ve been wanting to pursue a hobby or interest but haven’t thought you had the time. You might like to see a recently released movie.

It can be intimidating to consider doing anything on your own. “There is just not enough time!” But the children!” “I can’t even imagine!” When reading this, you could even find yourself asking, “What would people think?” It’s okay. Just keep in mind that you need to take time for yourself because you are a crucial element of the relationship and/or family dynamic. You cannot possibly be the best version of yourself in the different positions you occupy if you put everything and everyone else before yourself.

3. Use social media in moderation

In a world when everything is at our fingertips, it can be challenging to avoid comparing your life to that of others. Despite being excellent in many ways, social media may sometimes represent a risk to the relationship and upset the equilibrium. After a quick look over Facebook, you might find that you begin to doubt your family’s dynamics, your relationships, and even your happiness. When one partner starts to put pressure on the other and you start attempting to achieve and obtain things you think you should have instead of what is actually applicable for your lives, this could even start to generate stress in your relationship.

It is simple to feel like your life is not as glamorous or thrilling as a friend who recently went on a family vacation to the Bahamas. The tantrums on the plane, the sunburn, the exhaustion, and the stress of traveling are all things that the photographs do not depict. Only content that users want others to see is posted. The majority of what people post on social media platforms is only a small portion of their actual life. You’ll start to feel as though a weight has been lifted once you stop comparing your life to others’ and stop basing your happiness on what you perceive happiness to look like through social media.

Never enough time to complete everything. Your list of things to accomplish will probably keep growing, and you might not finish everything as quickly as you had intended. You might overlook some obligations or even individuals in your life. And what about that? It’s OK! Finding the midway ground and avoiding swinging too much one way or the other is what balance entails. Consider couples counseling as a technique to start working toward this objective if you and your partner are worried about your capacity to execute change and achieve the balance.