Back To The Basics – Self Description Test

I hope everybody is faring well in their quest for glory. In our endeavour of providing you with the simplest , we bring to you another installment of back to the basics. Today we’ll be touching the foremost sensitive a part of the psychological testing, the Self Description Test . it’s also referred to as Self Appraisal Test (SAT).

Every individual has his strong and weak points, good qualities, tolerable traits, shortcomings and even vices. Most of those qualities are exhibited in one’s normal behaviour and thus exposed to others. Sometimes we attempt to suppress or conceal these from the attention of the general public . But, no matter what we project, we all know that what kind of individual we are from inside. If we all know our weaknesses, we will attempt to get rid them and improve our personality.

Self Description Test Method:

You are given a booklet in which you are required to write the following:-

  • What I think of myself?
  • What my friends think of me?
  • Qualities I would like to improve in myself
  • What my parents think of me?
  • What my teacher/employer thinks of me?

You are given only 15 minutes to answer the above questions.

Self Description Test Objective:

The assessors give you an opportunity to judge yourself. it’s you who knows yourself better than anyone else. This also gives the assessors the extent of self knowledge you possess. A balanced individual is aware of his weak points and is ready to take steps to enhance them. Therefore, though Self Description Test seems like a very simple test, it’s one among the trickiest.

Self Description Test Points To Remember:

  • Make sure that each one the aspects of your personality are revealed. But please don’t commit the error of writing certain incorrigible negative traits of your personality.
  • The weaknesses which you reveal should be of general and ordinary type. for instance everybody is a bit lazy, likes to waste time, sleep more etc.
  • You should be fast enough to finish all the answers in quarter-hour .
  • Maintain brevity in your response. A lengthy and shabby looking Self Description will make the psychologist livid.
  • If you can’t think of a solution , take the assistance of your parents, relatives and friends. Remember, only ask from the people whom you’ll trust to give their genuine opinion about you.
  • Do not conceal anything, the open you’ll be, the better the psychologist will have an opportunity to understand you.
  • Unless you write your responses honestly, you’ll be digging your own grave.
  • Please don’t memorize a readymade Self Description. there’s nothing known as a model Self Description.
  • Refrain from mentioning bad qualities like knavery, mendacity, dishonesty, cupidity, moral turpitude.

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