Australian Shepherd Puppies: Pictures, Adoption Tips, and More!

Puppies of Australian shepherds might be the cutest animals in the planet. They are an incredibly cute, bouncy little bundle that embodies all the wit, energy, self-assurance, and spunk of the breed. It makes perfect sense to adopt an Australian shepherd if you recently acquired a flock of sheep.

On the other hand, before bringing one home, make sure you have the time and energy to dedicate to this working breed if you’re itching to pick up one of these wiggling furballs and give it plenty of love but your neighbours aren’t into sheep.

Making the decision to adopt a new best friend involves many factors. But don’t worry. We have everything covered! To start, we’ll examine Australian shepherd personalities to see if this breed is a good fit for your way of life. We’ll go over how to adopt an Aussie once you’ve determined they’re the right dog for you and your non-sheep-herding household. We’ll swoon over gorgeous Australian shepherd puppy photographs along the way.

Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for Me?

First and foremost, as with any pet we want to adopt, we must decide whether or not we can dedicate our whole lives to providing for the animal. This can imply 12 years or more for Australians. Australian shepherds are human beings, too; they make errors, misbehave, get sick, and require a lot of care. You must be certain that the unwavering love your Australian partner offers will make the difficulties in the relationship worthwhile.


Owners of Australian shepherds are among the most devoted to their breed. But, they’ll be the first to tell you how much work an Aussie needs. These canines are from tip to toenail herders. They exude exuberance, intelligence, stubbornness, and great energy. Australians possess strong herding and protective instincts along with amazing endurance.


These dogs aren’t lazy bums! Australian shepherds require daily opportunities for stimulation and exercise. For those who enjoy riding, hiking, running, and exploring the great outdoors, these are ideal. Australian shepherd puppies are intelligent, energetic, and have a strong herding drive, therefore training is essential. Additionally, training teaches owners how to control their impulses and use them for good.


Get an Australian only if he will be a family member and reside in your home. They are people dogs, Australian shepherds. They want to spend as much time as possible with you. Australia’s puppies, protective of their owners and guarded about strangers, require extensive socialisation to prevent having a dog that behaves frightened or aggressively around other people. It will be easier to create a well-adjusted companion if your puppy receives love from as many different individuals as possible as he grows.

Australian Shepherd Rescues

The large number of Australian shepherd rescues in the US is evidence of how important it is for potential Aussie parents to know how much time and effort this breed demands before adopting one. These dogs might become destructive if they do not receive the necessary training and exercise. Many Australian shepherds wind up in the care of a rescue or shelter once the situation gets out of control.

Dogs in rescues come in a variety of ages. If you’re dead bent on an Australian shepherd puppy, you might have to visit several shelters or get in touch with several rescues. Visit to find out how many Australians are looking for a place to call home in your state.

The ideal alternative is to locate a nearby rescue, as this will facilitate the process of selecting and adopting your puppy. Nearly every region of the nation is home to Australians in need of adoption. If you look for an Australian shepherd rescue in your state or city, you should have at least a few of results.

What to Expect During the Adoption Process
Fill Out an Application

The next step is to complete an application, which you can typically find on their website, after you’ve discovered some rescues. According to New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, its mission is similar to that of a “doggy dating service.” A typical rescue adoption application is quite lengthy and comprehensive since rescues strive to find the best match between dog and owner. It will inquire as to the qualities you are seeking in a canine companion.

On these apps, being truthful is always the best course of action! Rescues excel in their field. They will match you with the ideal dog if you provide them with the necessary details. The details you submit with your application enable that ideal match.

Collect References

Reputable rescues will request references from you. They ought to be individuals who don’t reside at your house. Some rescues advise against getting an Aussie as your first pet due to the commitment and energy these dogs demand. You will also need to submit a reference from a veterinarian.

Expect a Home Check

It is possible that one of the rescue’s volunteers will need to come to your house. They will inspect the type of garden you have, get to know the other pets in the house, and have conversations with each resident. Attending in person is an extension of your online application. Their canines’ temperaments are already known to them. The rescue needs to know how active or quiet your home is, what other animals will live with the dog, and how knowledgeable the humans living there are about dogs in general.

Meet the Dog

The (second) best thing is this. Before making the big decision, the majority of rescues will want you and your family to meet your potential Australian shepherd in person. It is OK and even advised to take some time to consider your options following the introduction. It’s easy to fall in love with your Aussie puppy the moment you look into their beautiful blue eyes.

The breed’s physical attributes are breathtaking. But appearances are only one aspect of the Australian shepherd package. Think about your potential puppy’s disposition before committing to the more than a decade-long partnership.

Adoption Costs

Numerous variables will determine the precise cost of adopting an Australian shepherd. Older dogs typically have reduced adoption costs. Rescues frequently ask for a deposit if you adopt a puppy that is too young to be neutered or spayed; this deposit is refunded to you once you provide documentation proving your puppy has had surgery. Adopting an Aussie dog will probably cost you between $400 and $606. Deposits for spays and neuters average $50.

Of course, there are other costs associated with adopting a puppy and you will need to budget for these as well. For his initial health appointment, your Australian shepherd has to see the veterinarian. Good food, a collar, tags, a leash, a bed, toys, and training are all necessities for him.

Bring your Puppy Home!

Getting a dog is perhaps one of the most fulfilling life experiences. Many people learn that even though they were able to save their pet, the puppy truly had the most to contribute. Rescues will use every effort to provide their dogs with a loving home and the life they are entitled to. You will understand how worthy Australian shepherds are once you become a parent.