Are Dogs Allowed in Walgreens? Important Rules to Know

Every day, millions of people visit Walgreens locations. Therefore, it’s possible that you’ve been asked this question a lot: is it okay to take your dog shopping with you? 5.9 million people visit the pharmacy chain’s dozens of locations across America every day. Is Walgreens pet-friendly, though? Dogs are normally not allowed inside most Walgreens locations. This especially holds true for household pets. How about canines that provide assistance? These are some guidelines.

Is Walgreens Dog-Friendly for Service Animals?

In theory, you are not allowed to bring your dog—or any other pet—into a Walgreens location. However, the situation with service dogs is distinct. A service dog is described as “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability” by the Americans with Disabilities Act. No state or local authority requires certification or licencing for service dogs.

A service dog can support someone with mobility problems by helping with balance, pulling or carrying objects for them, serving as a guide dog, or alert dog, among other tasks. A service dog is not the same as a pet dog, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and as such, it is allowed access to public areas with its handler that a typical pet may not.

A service dog is exempt from wearing a specific vest designating it as such by law. But Walgreens staff are entitled to inquire as to whether the dog is a service animal that is necessary because of a condition. They are not allowed to request information about the handicap, paperwork, or the dog’s performance of its trained tasks.

Guidelines for Service Dogs

It’s also crucial to remember that service dogs in general—not simply guide dogs—are protected. Stores need to understand that this is the law. Emotional support animals, or ESAs, are not covered by this protection, nevertheless. ESAs are not legally the same as service dogs, but they do offer comfort and emotional support to those with mental health issues. Every Walgreens store has the discretion to determine whether or not to admit ESA animals.

In case you were wondering, a service dog’s legal protections do not prevent it from being asked to leave a store if it misbehaves. In the event that the handler is requested to remove the dog due to barking, snarling, violent behaviour, or disruption, the dog must go.

Do Other Pharmacies Allow Pet Dogs?

Dog-friendly regulations at Walgreens are comparable to those of other pharmacy chains. Dogs are not permitted at Walmart and Costco, for instance, even though both chains have pharmacies within. Since there isn’t a specific regulation stated, the management may decide to allow dogs at certain CVS sites, but most don’t. If you would want to bring your pet, you can ask the retailer over the phone.

In general, pet dogs are not permitted in most locations that offer health services. Pharmacies usually follow this trend because they may provide vaccinations or other health-related services.

If you decide to go shopping with your non-service dog, there are fortunately a number of other places that allow dogs, like malls, a lot of apparel stores, and hardware stores. Whether you are bringing a pet or a service dog, the most crucial things to keep in mind are to regulate your pet, observe store policies, and pay attention to your dog’s behaviour.