Are Dogs Allowed in Kohl’s? 3 Important Rules to Know

Do you enjoy purchasing from Kohl’s? You’re not by yourself. With more than 1,100 locations throughout 49 states, it’s a popular shopping destination. Plus, when you can bring your dog along, shopping at your favorite store is even more enjoyable. Dogs are now welcome at many stores. But is your dog allowed to go with you to Kohl’s? Here’s what you should know about Kohl’s dog policy.

Is Kohl’s Dog-Friendly?

What is the official Kohl’s policy on dogs in stores? It’s well accepted that dogs are not permitted at Kohl’s. However, consider this information to be highly suspect. Kohl’s website doesn’t seem to have an official policy on the subject. This implies that the decision of whether or not to accept your pet dog will probably be made by the specific store.

Rules for Dogs in Kohl’s

It is always advisable to call the Kohl’s store you plan to visit before bringing your pet in, as different locations may have varying dog regulations. Dogs may not be permitted in the business for a variety of reasons, including worries for the wellbeing and security of other customers. The establishment might not want to take responsibility for any harm that results from a dog entering the business.

There are certain things you should do to be considerate to other customers if you are able to bring your dog into a Kohl’s nearby.

Keep the leash on your dog. The most crucial thing you can do is to maintain control over your dog. Not everyone shares your passion for your pet. Furthermore, you don’t want to take a chance on any merchandise damage.

After your dog, tidy up. If your canine companion has an accident, clean it up right away. As the pet owner, you are in charge of handling everything your dog does in the business.

If asked, depart. Don’t argue with the store manager if they ask you to leave because they believe your dog is disturbing other customers. Bringing your pet shopping is a privilege, not a must.

Rules for Service Dogs

Service animals are the only group for which dogs are permitted at Kohl’s. Service dogs are permitted to access any area that is open to the general public under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This covers public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and of course retail establishments.

You may enter a Kohl’s shop with a service dog even if you don’t have documentation of your dog’s training or certification. The business manager may, however, inquire as to whether your dog is a service dog and what tasks they have been trained for. A service dog, for instance, might be taught to bark if its handler exhibits symptoms of a certain ailment, and the business has the right to assume that this might occur. Remember that if a service dog is not under the owner’s direct supervision, they can potentially be asked to leave a store.

In conclusion, it depends on the specific Kohl’s store you are visiting if you would like to shop with your dog. However, if they say that pets are not permitted, don’t be shocked.