American Bulldog Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

The popularity of American bulldogs has consistently increased. Who can blame the growing number of people who have fallen madly in love with this cute species throughout the years? Above all, American bulldogs are bold, obedient, and totally committed to their owners! If you’ve made the decision to buy one, let this article serve as a reference. Let’s talk about how much American bulldogs will cost in 2024 and what you could need to pay for your first year of ownership.

How Much Does an American Bulldog Puppy Cost?

The cost of American bulldog puppies varies depending on where you reside and the dog’s lineage. You should budget between $1,500 to $3,000, though in some cases, costs may go considerably higher. Ads for American bulldog puppies that are advertised for far less than this range are typically a warning sign that the breeder is using unethical breeding techniques. Despite the fact that it’s simple to get enthused about a good offer, you should steer clear of these vendors at all times. Later on, we’ll discuss this in greater detail.

Some people cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a puppy because these pups can be expensive. Adoption is a less expensive choice, and a lot of shelters and rescues just take a small adoption fee. You should budget between $75 to $300 if you decide to go this way.

Other Factors That Influence the Purchase Price of an American Bulldog

The total cost of the puppies that a breeder offers is influenced by their reputation. Experienced breeders with a lengthy track record of happy customers typically charge extra, but it’s usually well worth it. Most prices include a health guarantee, which gives customers priceless peace of mind. This is a breeder’s guarantee to the buyer that their animals undergo genetic testing before to breeding.

By doing this, their puppies’ chance of acquiring congenital illnesses is significantly reduced. They will provide purchasers with a financial incentive in the event that their pet is diagnosed with a condition covered by the agreement, since they have faith in the health of their animals. Even though unethical breeders may provide extremely inexpensive costs, the animals may endure excruciating, permanent suffering. The best course of action is to avoid them completely as this will help put them out of business.

Cost of Vaccination and Other Medical Expenses for American Bulldogs

The initial round of vaccinations for your puppy might come from some American bulldog breeders. If they don’t, though, you should budget about $100 for their first round of shots. It’s crucial to take your puppy to the vet for a checkup as soon as you bring them home. Veterinarians can detect underlying issues even if you purchase from a respectable breeder. You can ask your veterinarian to microchip your puppy for an extra $50 during this about $75 visit.

Owners should plan to spay or neuter their dog after it has reached a certain level of maturity. This surgery is advised if your American bulldog isn’t being used for breeding because it reduces the risk of testicular and ovarian cancer. The cost of this operation will range from $50 to $250, depending on where you reside and which veterinarian you see.

Cost of Food and Supplies for American Bulldogs

Many American bulldogs reach adulthood weighing between sixty and one hundred pounds. As a result, this breed will require a higher food consumption to maintain their body weight and muscular mass. Dogs of this size should consume three to four and a half cups of dry food day, according to PetMD. To ensure that your dog receives the minimum amount of nutrients they need, you will need to purchase a 40-pound bag of dog food each month. Depending on the kind, prices can vary, but buyers should budget between $30 and $80 each month for kibble. The price of dog treats or moist food is not included in this.

Diets on prescription and raw foods are typically more costly. This means that dog owners who decide to feed their pets a speciality food will need to set up considerably more money. Owners should also budget between $300 and $400 for supplies. Essentials for your new puppy include food and water dishes, a crate, a grooming kit, a collar, and a leash.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure an American Bulldog

Even though American bulldogs are a powerful and athletic breed, acquiring pet insurance is still something you should think about. Given their hardiness and toughness, this breed may conceal any discomfort. As a result, owners might not even become aware of a problem until the illness has gotten worse. Prices will differ based on the kind of coverage you choose and the provider you select. The least expensive solutions have a monthly cost of around $20 or less. Being safe is preferable to being sorry!

How Much Does It Cost to Train an American Bulldog

American bulldogs rank among the smartest breeds of dogs there is. When they are young, though, they are incredibly active, and many of them have a stubborn streak. This is why training may appear like a challenging undertaking. “It is very important to do lots of obedience training, starting with sitting for a treat when they are less than six months old,” states the American Bulldog Rescue. You may train them to sit, down, come, and heel on command after six months. A fantastic approach to achieve it is to enrol in a class with an experienced teacher.

It can be expensive to take your dog to a professional trainer if you decide to do so. Classes typically cost between $50 and $75 per session, and experts advise signing up your dog for at least one lesson each week for about eight months. Furthermore, socialising your American bulldog from a young age is crucial. American bulldogs can make excellent family pets, but only if they are properly trained. They usually want to live in homes with older children and only one dog. It is advised that any additional dogs in the house be the opposite gender and of a similar size.

Last Words

There are so many amazing traits about American bulldogs. If you’re determined to get one, the first year’s expenses should come out to about $5,500. This covers the puppy’s purchase price as well as related costs for food, supplies, vet bills, insurance, and training. Subsequent years will be less expensive, with owners likely to pay about $1,500. Bulldogs live long lives, so before deciding to add one to your family, be sure you’re ready to provide them with emotional and financial assistance for the rest of their lives.