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Amenhotep III | Biography, 18th Dynasty Pharaoh, Builder of Luxor, Death & Successor

Amenhotep III. He ruled the Egyptian Empire, which was at the height of its international power and prosperity. It was a peaceful time when art and Egyptian culture flourished.

Amenhotep III Overview:

Occupation Pharaoh of Egypt
Children Akhenaten, The Younger Lady, Sitamun, Thutmose,  Kiya, Beketaten, Henuttaneb, Iset, Nebetah
Born 1388 BC
Died 1353 BC
Reign 1391 BC to 1353 BC
Best known for Ruling Egypt during the peak of the Ancient Egyptian civilization

Biography of Amenhotep III:

Growing Up of Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III was the son of Pharaoh Thutmose IV and the great-grandson of the legendary Pharaoh Thutmose III. He grew up in the royal palace as the crown prince of Egypt. He would have been educated on the workings of the Egyptian government as well as the religious responsibilities of the pharaoh.

Becoming Pharaoh

When Amenhotep was about 12 years old, his father died and Amenhotep was crowned Pharaoh. Perhaps he had an adult regent and ruled when he was young, as he grew up and learned to lead.

Ruling Egypt

Amenhotep III. He was the son of Pharaoh Thutmose IV and great-grandson of the legendary Pharaoh Thutmose III. He grew up in a royal palace as the Crown Prince of Egypt. He would have been briefed on the workings of the Egyptian government and the pharaoh’s religious obligations.

Family of Amenhotep III

Only a few years after becoming pharaoh, Amenhotep married his wife Tiye. She became his queen and “the great royal consort”. They had several children, including two sons. Amenhotep’s eldest son, Prince Thutmose, died relatively young. This put his second son, Amenophis IV, in the lead in the race for the throne.

Amenhotep changed his name to Akhenaten when his IV later became Pharaoh. To strengthen foreign alliances, Amenhotep married several princesses of neighboring kingdoms. Although Amenhotep had many wives, he seems to have had strong feelings for his first wife, Queen Tiye. He made her lake in her honor in her hometown and also built her mortuary for her.

Monument Building

Reign of Pharaoh Amenhotup III. There are many monuments to himself and the gods. Perhaps his most famous building is the Luxor Temple at Thebes. This temple has become one of the grandest and most famous temples in Egypt. Amenhotep also built hundreds of statues of himself, including the Colossi of Memnon. These two colossal statues of him are about 18 meters high and depict a giant Amenhotep in a seated position.

Death of Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III Died around 1353 BC He was buried with his wife Tiye in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. His son, Amenhotep IV, became Pharaoh after his death. His son changed his name to Akhenaten and caused a major change in Egyptian religion.

Interesting Facts About Amenhotep III

The name Amenhotep means “Amun is content”. Amun was the chief god of the Egyptians.

He built himself a gorgeous mortuary. After that, it was submerged in the Nile River, and now most of it is in ruins.

From Amenhotep III. It has more surviving statues of any other pharaoh (around 250).

Amenhotep married many foreign princesses, but when he asked to marry Amenhotep’s daughter, the king of Babylon refused.

He is sometimes called Amenhotep the Great.

He was his 9th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty.