All About Military Planning Exercise [Group Planning Exercise]

All About Military Planning Exercise [Group Planning Exercise]

Dear candidates, test primarily designed to test our abilities of decision making at how quickly and efficiently we are decision-making time-bounded environment. We are given a set of problems all problems must be solved in different time constraints. This test involves a few steps and experience of mine, I want to tell you what to do in which step.

Step 1: Brief introduction to the area by GTO
A friend here, you must be very careful because if you missed a spot or anything misinterpreted on the map, it will hinder your performance. be careful, hear all the details meticulously minutes and keep them in mind.

Step 2: In the next step GTO will read the problem in the area for you. He writing with him. In this test, you need to relate the problem to the card, and while listening to pay attention to hidden resources, data resources, time constraints, and not total. problems and that all the problems are. So at the end of this stage, you should be able to answer these questions for you.
How many problems are there?
What are the stated and hidden resources?
What are the time constraints of each problem?
What other constraints like no phone works, your car broke down. headlights do not work and so on.

Step 3: Now GTO will give you 5 min. to read the write up of the problem. Friend if you were good at listening and were attentive to step 2, then in this step, you will benefit. Those five minutes you can use in your planning. Now be quick and do the following.
Deciding on priorities issues and always have a reason to give particular priority to a particular problem, it will help you in the discussion. (Keep loss and available time in mind while doing this)
As a problem can be solved in more than one way. Start thinking of solutions available to every problem and decide which to keep and how many people you need to solve this problem. Friends whatever solution you follow have a reason for it. The most important thing I learned recently of 14ssb GTO advice whenever you have a choice between the possibility and certainty to go certainty. Example. You are on a road with an injured person, you have two options to take an elevator and a short distance you have a petrol station and garage. Then it is certain that you will get the vehicle to the garage or at the pump, but you may or may not get a lift. always select an option that is available to you and provides you with the solution.
After obtaining a solution to every problem now you have a clear idea about how many people are needed in every issue. So now you can decide how many groups as you divide your team.
Friends if you jump on the division of the group before solution, you can get hurt midway. So do it in the end.

Step 4: – GTO in this step will ask you to write your individual solution on paper. Let me clear my friends everything is evaluated SSB, nothing is just to pass the time, so do not believe rumors that the copy will not be evaluated. Writing always follow a particular way so you do not miss anything. Like that

“We group _ friends, on our way to the -encountered with some problems in order of priority issues are. –
B: –
C: –

Write what you have (resources) quickly, and always mention the hidden resources because it shows that you are practical and can think of other options too.

Now write, I will divide my group _ subgroups 3,2,2,3 (according to you)

Now attend each priority problem wise solution write attend these points for each
Who, what, when, where, how, the distance of time and the action

Always mention the distance according to the scale given to you, you can go on the model or map and measure your hand so you can get a rough idea of the distance and time required to travel that distance using the method of transport.

After completing this reassemble your bandmates and move where you were before the problems.

Step 5: – discussion group to reach a common solution. Again, it is a discussion so that all the things that are tested in GDs will be here. But this time something will be tested and this is your capacity for decision making and how you persuade others to your decision. The presence of mind and listening are more important things. If you have done a good plan, and discuss reasons for your choice of individual or particular priority path, including transport anything you say there’s a reason for that and it is enough for a good discussion.

Other things are the same as in the group discussion. If you have good reasons for your bandmates will automatically agree. And keep in mind that the group is deciding for the common plane, so if your group names give you the final plan. You feel free and can give her confidence. And it is a fact that the group names you automatically if you were good and active throughout the discussion.

Example of a group planning exercise

You are a group of 10 students back to your hostel boost after a picnic in Rampur your vehicle developed problems and you left the garage near the petrol pump and your group decided to take that ferry your jeep will be repaired by 18 hours. You stopped at the tea stall and tea, a friend found a gun and accidentally fired a bullet that injured his shoulder. While you were thinking about what to do, a boy came to ask you for your help as his father fell wheat fields near his cart and broke his leg. As he finished a man came out of the cycle for you and informed that miscreant who hid in the village of slums, and they will remove the railway fish plates and will also jump a train from Dholpur to Rampur leaving at 4:45 and they intend to blow at 5:30 on deck. And the villagers are afraid of henchmen so that they do not inform the police. as he ended a woman came to you and asked for help that his cow was stuck in the marshy earth and it is the only source if his life as 16 hours now, and you need to reach hostel before 19 hours, you are also provided a bus from Shampur in Dholpur share to 17 hours. Boats are also available on the ferry. No mobile phone works. What will you do in such a situation?

Planning group exercise 5 With Solution
GPE Plan
Way to find CPM solutions

Note how carefully I suggest not thinking about how to write a solution solution.

Step 1 Priority Setting
The person injured with a bullet: reason: -it needs immediate assistance excessive bleeding is dangerous for him.
The person with a broken leg – the reason that we have enough time to train problem and the farmer can go nowhere him. And you also need medical help.
As the train leaves at 4:45 and reaches the bridge at 5:30, it’s 4:00 now if we can give this third priority issue.
Cow failed in the marshy land. As human life is not involved
Step 2 solution to each problem and assign it to subgroups

Problem 1: – injured with bullet
I will, first of all, stop his blood using rags now (think the solution in these 7 points)
That 2 of us
What: take the person to the hospital
When: 4:15 to start because it will take some time to plan and to take an elevator.
Where: hospital
How we’re going to take an elevator to pass vehicles.
Time and distance: it will take about 15 minutes to cover the distance of 15 km and another 15 minutes to take him to the hospital.
Action: the person admitted to the hospital and the treatment started. and sent an ambulance to pick up the broken leg person and take him to the hospital.
Problem 2: broken leg person
Who: 2 + we + cycle son of that person
What: go to the cornfield and take it out to the ambulance can pick it up
When: start at 4:15
Where we will spend the stall tea wheat field
How: Using the cycle and cart
Time and distance: 4 km to cover the cycle will take about 10 minutes and we get him out of his basket in nearly 10 minutes.
Action: We’ll take the tea stall and wait for the ambulance so he could be taken to the hospital and can be treated.
Problem 3: Train problem
Which 3 of us
What: 1 inform the police of the village of slums and 2 will inform the individual of the railway level crossing inhabited.
When: 4:15
Where: police station in the village and inhabited crossing
How: 1 will take the help of the villagers to reach the police station with the motorcycle or cycle villagers. And two others will join the ferry to run and take the boat to reach the inhabited passage near the temple.
Time and distance: 1 male villager use of resources and in 20 minutes, it can find the police station .and 2 other cover 3km. in 10 min. boring and 8 km by boat and it will take 10 minutes for the current speed will also support us.
Action: inform the data on time will solve the problem until 4:50 p.m.
No problem. 4: cow in the marshy land
Who: + lady + 2 we villagers who informed us about the disbelievers
What: take the cow on the marshy land
When they will start at 4:15
Where: moves to the marshy land
How we collect resources like the rope, the manpower, some sticks, a wooden board, etc., and use them, we’ll shoot the cow on
Time & distance: it will take 5 minutes to cover 2 miles, then 10 minutes to gather resources. And almost 30 minutes to take the cow out.
Action: we will save the cow with the help of the villagers. Till 5:00.
After all the problems are solved
All of us will gather in tea stall until 5:20 ET and take the bus to reach the garage and get our jeep and return to the hostel before 19:00…

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