Akita Temperament: Do They Make Good Family Dogs?

The American Kennel Club lists Akitas in its Working Group of dogs, but are they also suitable as family pets? They belong to an old Japanese breed that is renowned for both its magnificent fluffy coats and bravery and loyalty. Here, we’ll examine their temperament in detail and determine whether or not they can function well in a family setting.

Akita’s Size and Strength

Any household adopting an Akita should understand that they are acquiring a huge, strong dog. These men are heavy-boned, strong, and reach a maximum height of 24 to 28 inches, weighing up to 130 pounds. If you have little children or other family members who are unsteady on their feet, keep this in mind. If your Akita plays energetically or gets the zoomies, there’s a serious chance they could be inadvertently pushed over.

Tolerance of Children

If you have little children, Akitas might not be the best breed for you as they are not considered to be the most child-friendly. With toys, they might become possessive and protective, which could be problematic for younger children who might not grasp the situation. They establish close, devoted relationships with owners in small, adult-only homes.

Tolerance of Other Animals

If you already have small, furry pets, this breed’s intense hunt drive may pose issues for you. They require strict monitoring when around other pets because they were bred for hunting. This can also be problematic when you go for family walks because your Akita will quickly disappear if they see anything they want to chase! If they are off-leash at the moment, it is a problem. If they are on a leash and being held by a tiny family member who is likely to be pulled over and possibly hurt, that might be a much bigger problem. To avoid mishaps, you must teach impulse control to your Akita.

Behavior With Strangers

Akitas are frequently leery of outsiders. With early and appropriate socialisation, you can lessen this. On the other hand, some Akitas might never feel completely at ease around strangers. If you have to take them and your family to new social settings, this can be a problem. Additionally, the breed may have issues with other dogs.

How Much Exercise Do They Need?

Due to its high energy levels, this breed requires two hours or more of exercise every day. Having a busy family life frequently leaves you with little time to spend with your beloved dog! Families with active lifestyles and access to wide outdoor spaces are the greatest candidates for them. This breed also benefits from having a large garden.

Can They Be Left Alone?

Akitas and humans develop extremely close relationships, and they dislike being left alone. They are also prone to boredom. This is not the dog for you if your family obligations need you to spend a lot of time away from home. An excessive amount of alone time might cause Akitas to form bad habits.

Are Akitas Easy to Train?

You might not have as much time as you would want to devote to training because of the demands of family life. Is that a breed-specific issue for Akitas? Actually, the chances are that it is. It is not advised for novice dog owners to own this breed. Their independence and intelligence can often make them resistant during training. To keep their attention, they require brief training sessions that are positive and reward-based.While ladies can be a touch distant, guys can be stubborn or cautious.

Do Akitas Make Good Family Dogs?  Things to Remember

Get ready for some hair loss! Being a double-coated breed, they experience some shedding throughout the year. However, they may lose a remarkable amount of fur if they “blow” their coat twice a year. It will require someone in the family to hoover it up!

The issue of temperature has to do with fur as well. You shouldn’t take this dog with you if you plan to spend the entire day in the sun at the beach, for example, because of their thick coat, which can make them very hot in the summer. Every member of the household may experience stress as a result of the dog’s needs conflicting with their own.

And lastly, having an Akita is not inexpensive! Find out exactly how much owning a dog will cost in your area during its lifetime before making the commitment. Add up the cost of purchases, veterinary care, food, accessories, and maybe dog boarding and sitters.

In summary, are Akitas Good Family Dogs?

Akitas may be devoted and caring pets in the appropriate home. They work best, though, for those who have training and maintenance experience with stubborn breeds, an active lifestyle, and access to outside areas. Families with young children, elderly family members, frequent houseguests, or small pets are not the greatest candidates for these.