Air Force Selection Board 2 (AFSB) Mysore Experience

Air Force Selection Board 2 (AFSB) Mysore Experience

I was in my seventh semester of college and my friends and classmates were all busy with their preparation for locations and higher education, sitting with fitness books and prepare their resumes and SOPs. Somehow I’m not interested at once. I have always been fascinated by planes and admired when they flew in the sky. I spoke of my admiration plane at a high level of mine who went to train with the Air Force of India. I was inspired in his speech which was like the start of my career. I applied for the admission test of the joint Air Force or AFCAT 2/2014. This test access occurs twice a year, which is the entrance test for candidates who wish to join the Air Force. The portions were quite long, but the test was easy. This test is performed to one of the Air Force preferred stations in the application form. The test was 2 hours and was 100 questions. I cleared the exam and was asked to report on a selection of the courts from Mysore, Varanasi, Dehradun and Gandhi Nagar. There were practical dates and chose to inform the jury of the Air Force Mysore (AFSB) 15 December.

The center of Mysore was called ‘AFSB 2’. This selection procedure lasts 6 days and is the same for the Army, Navy and Coast Guard, except SSB appeal means Service Selection Board.
It was December 15 and woke up at 5 so he could report on time. The declaration of the time was 6:45 in the station. My father and I were there well before 6:30 just to see a lot of girls like me, either with their parents or one huge load of luggage. Mine was a lot of girls with 185+ people. There was a military truck to carry all our luggage and 2 bus to take us to the selection table. I’m on a thereof and say goodbye to my father. The selection committee was 10 minutes from the station. I had already made friends with the girls on the bus. Arriving at the court, we were asked to deposit our mobile phones in a brown bag ( ‘D return only when returning). We were asked to come to a hallway and asked to fill out forms for our grant Travel (TA). Breakfast was provided for us and 187 of the first test selection began. Official named Test Intelligence Estimate (OIR), which issues verbal and nonverbal. We had 35 minutes for 80 questions. After that, we were given numbers according to our chest date of birth of the youngest to the oldest. I do not know. It was new.
The second test is called the image perception and image description fuzzy test (PP & DT) .A was shown and we were asked to write a story in four minutes where we have our mind at that time. Then they were divided into groups of 15 and had to tell our story to three officers of evidence. Then we had to talk about our stories and get the best within the time limit. We could not finish the discussion, though! Then lunch was provided and results were released after an hour. Only those selected will stay here for 5 days remaining and the rest had to return. I was so happy to hear my number called. 72 of us were selected and have been checked our documents. My new breast number was 4. Fill some forms, including Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ), who checked in our rooms gave us interview.We (10) per room in a building called “Aashiyana” that means comfortable. The stay was really comfortable!

2 AFSB experience Mysore
Since we had our cell phones, there was a phone booth with 2 phones for 72 people! There were 4 computers to navigate and I had to be in big queues our teams to inform our parents. Stay and food were free. The disaster was named “Trupti” means satisfied! The disaster was huge photos of MiG, Sukhoi and the Air Force Academy. There was also a big sign in the history of the IAF with images of various aircraft during each war. Even if we had arrived there by force, I’m sure it would have been really inspired by the way things are organized.
The selection table on campus was very clean and there were posters everywhere with motivational quotes. There was a recreation area with carrom, table tennis, chess, TV, etc. The person in charge was Wing Commander Krishna. It was one of the nicest people I know. He attends each and every one of us at any time with care. Dinner was 20 hours and we had our roll call to 9. He was there just in time and asked for food and arrangements.
DAY 2:
We were awakened by the speakers in every room playing ‘Vande Maataram’ and other patriotic songs. It was hard for me to wake up at 5 in Mysore cold weather. bed tea / coffee is served at 5:30 and breakfast was at 6:30. We go to our roll call in front of the building at 7:10 Aashiyana and inform the test center at 7:15. This procedure was followed for all 6 days. I had my Aptitude Test Pilot (TFAP) battery in the morning as requested by the power of flight IAF. To become a pilot in the Air Force, it is mandatory that test. This is proof that once in a lifetime and the result is valid throughout our career. Girls who steal branch had the morning off. The test had two parts- written and simulator. Only those who clear the written part were qualified to run for the flight simulator. I gave my best to clean the written part. The test result was announced that the simulator the last day.
After lunch, all 72 of us were present in the test room for psychological testing. The first test was the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), where 12 slides of images displayed one after the other for 30 seconds each and were asked to write a story for 4 minutes. The next test is the word association (WAT), where 60 wordds displayed for 15 seconds each and were asked to make sentences with each word. The test followed was the reaction of the test situation (SRT). 60 situations occur with a time of 30 minutes and reacted at them. The last test was self-description test (SDT) and were asked to describe our parents, teachers and the view of friends and want to be in the future. The allotted time was 10 minutes. After these tests, we returned to our hostel.
There was a “living motivation” containing books, both fiction and defense, newspapers, magazines, a fish tank, ranks and badges of the officers, model airplanes, posters, photos the Air Chief Marshals, etc. I used to spend time and discuss current issues with my friends there.
DAY 3:
We were divided into groups of 9 and were dressed in white for our working group (WG). We proceeded to the factory GT at 7:15 instead of the examination room. Only 4 groups had their GT that day and the other girls were or interview is free. Our Group Testing Officer (GTO) was Wing Commander Bharat. Our first test was the group discussion (GD). 2 songs were given and spoke for 5 minutes on each topic. After GD planned exercise group (EPG). A given situation with the model of a village and had to write the solution for it. Then we were asked to combine all our ideas and find the best solution.
After the indoor activities, the first outdoor activity was the progressive Working Group (GTP). There was a line and we got a goal and an assist materials such as rope, board, etc., and was asked to save a few structures in the environment and use them to achieve the goal. The time allowed was 45 minutes. Then there was half Task Group (HGT), who had the same procedure as the PGT with half the number of people. The next race is called the serpent races and six had to jump over obstacles like a wall, through a tire hanging, etc. with a huge snake-like object. We compete with other groups and each group had a war cry. Ours was “Vande Maataram” and we came second. The main objective of the race was not to win but to see how we can help others in the group and help them.
The last test was the speech. We had to choose a theme from 4, are prepared for 3 minutes to give a speech for another 3 minutes. We were so tired after this long day and headed back to our hostel.
DAY 4:
The fourth day started with GT again, but this time it was not a working group, but individually. The first test was called Task Command (CT). A person must send two assistants and fill a particular physical task, and achieve the goal. Our GTO was very friendly and even if we do not find a solution that helped. The final task was physical individual obstacles. We had to perform tasks 7 in 3 minutes, including a ramp, walking on a rope, monkey-crawling, climbing rope, etc.
After 2, we were allowed to go outside, but informed before 20 hours. A group of 15 of us went to Mysore Palace and Garuda Mall that day.
DAY 5:
Most girls were free that day, but I had my personal interview (PI). My interview lasted 45-50 minutes and was more informal. The interviewing officer (IO) was nice and quiet and listened patiently to all my answers.
Again that day, 13 we went to a show nearby. It was amazing to go to games and eat food experience roadside there. We returned before 8 and had our dinner. It was our last night in court together and made a plan to celebrate. A group of 20 of us went to the recreation room and began to dance to the music of Bollywood! Like most of the girls were from the north, the Tamil folk dance taught and loved it!
DAY 6:
It was our last day and after the conference, the results would be announced. We packed our bags and went to the conference. It was another informal meeting with all members of the court (about 20 agents). It was for less than 2 minutes, and then we waited in the exam room.
The results were announced PABT first and erased me! I am very happy. The commander of the wing, and then began to announce the recommended candidates “and my number was called in the first place! I wept for joy. 7 were selected from a total of 187. He was proud of myself! My friends were there to cheer eventhough they do not. They promised they would come back next time and join me. I was so happy to carry this message to my parents after 7 odd hours of filler paper! I was in court and the other six recommended candidates.
The next morning we left the station and our mobile phones were returned at the end! I am very happy to have made and full of emotion, who spoke on the phone to friends and family for over 7 hours, telling the whole story!
Overall, this AFSB was a hell of a expeerience! I made new friends, learned a new language, learned about airplanes, learned about punctuality, learned discipline and, finally, I learned that failure is not the end of the world and I never give up. Thank you all for being favorable. There were people who were recommended in its bid to 13! So keep trying, stay safe and stay focused. I still have my medical examination confirming my selection for the Air Force of India. Therefore, fingers crossed!

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