AFMC Preparation Tips 2023: How to Prepare, Timetable, Study Plan

AFMC Preparation Tips 2023: AFMC Entrance Examination, or the armed forces Medical college entrance examination is one among the most important and prestigious entrance examination for the MBBS aspirants throughout the country. This is an exam that many aspirants work dedicatedly for two years. As AFMC entrance examination 2023 is approaching fast, allow us to have look on few tricks and tips to perform better within the exam:

AFMC 2023 Preparation Tips are as follows:

AFMC entrance exam needs plenty of concentration on Physics and Chemistry, unlike the other medical entrance examinations. so if until now you’ve got been concentrating a lot of on the Biology part, then it’s high time that you start brushing the concepts from Physics and Chemistry books as well for AFMC 2023. Also, unlike the engineering entrances, here the emphasis would be more on the basics as compared to the problems. So remember that while studying for AFMC 2023.

AFMC is considered to be easier than the other medical entrances. But easy entrance suggests that everyone can find the exam to be easy. you must have been studying for other entrance exams whereby you’d find several difficult queries. Here in AFMC 2023 don’t go finding hidden which means behind the lines as the paper would be straightforward and you will lose time finding out details that don’t exist.

NCERT alone doesn’t suffice for AFMC preparatory studies. you would most likely got to consult the state board syllabus books as well. If you’re very serious regarding AFMC entrance examination 2023, get notes from state board syllabus as well. There might be much more than you’ve got studies as the info is really completely different. Your coaching classes would have given you the required material, if not, it’s well to check with them or your school lecturers.

Also, AFMC entrance has English and General-ability tests. Apart from your regular Physics, Chemistry and Biology, these subjects too are aiming to build a huge difference in your ranking. So take time out from your revision/study schedule, and try finding some exam paper sectionals dedicated to those subjects. This can be going to be a challenge if you’ve got not been in touch with these subjects, however still it’s not not possible if you begin vigorously now for AFMC 2023.

Read daily newspapers, but tight your revision schedule is also. General awareness or general knowledge cannot come back from a better source. This may well be the edge to score above the competition. Also, search and study regarding the trending topics for AFMC 2023.


Once you’re nearing AFMC 2023, solve a lot of mock papers. This habit won’t just offer you tons of practice, however also will imbibe a lot of confidence in you relating to what to expect within the examination and also the pattern of the examination. so practice, practice and practice with plenty of mock papers!

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