9 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in New Jersey

With its vibrant metropolises and breathtaking natural scenery, New Jersey is an amazing state. New Jersey is a terrific place to explore, situated directly on the East Coast and conveniently close to places like Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Traveling by car is one of the finest methods to experience as much of New Jersey as possible in a single visit. New Jersey, sometimes known as “The Garden State,” is a breathtaking destination for those seeking an exciting road trip. However, you should shop around for the greatest gas prices if you’re traveling across the state in a vehicle!

The national average for a standard petrol tank as of October 2023 is $3.78. Even if it is less what it was a month ago, nearly four dollars still buys a tank! At $3.86 a gallon, the state average for New Jersey is even marginally more than the national average. Gas costs can mount up quickly for travelers, so it’s important to look into the best deals available around the state!

The nine communities on this list have petrol prices significantly lower than the state average. Even in the priciest town on this list, you’ll save fifty cents every tank! Find these fantastic gas stations in the state of New Jersey and take a tour around the state. The money you saved can then be used for a more enjoyable purchase!

1. Colonia

First place goes to Colonia, New Jersey, which has some of the lowest gas prices in the state. Compared to the state average, the cost of this petrol is $3.09 a gallon, saving you nearly eighty cents. Colonia is at an excellent location if you’re going to Newark or the seaside. This unincorporated village is conveniently close to several important locations, being only a few miles south of the state capital.

Although Colonia itself doesn’t offer much to do, you can travel a short distance north to Newark for an exciting day in the nation’s capital, or you may travel even further east to the Arthur Kill Strait. New Jersey is committed to protecting the shoreline of Arthur Kill. Dozens of bird species reproduce well in the Arthur Kill Strait, while hundreds of species make their permanent home. Saunter down the strait and enjoy the splendor of New Jersey’s fauna.

2. Iselin

Another unincorporated community close to Newark, the state capital, is Iselin, New Jersey. Situated straight south of Colonia is this community. You may pick up a petrol tank and drive north or towards the seaside for $3.09 per gallon. With a population of slightly under 20,000, Iselin is slightly larger than Colonia, its neighbor to the north. The same wonderful accessibility to the capital and coast is available at Iselin.

Despite being mostly a residential neighborhood, Iselin has some fantastic parks where you can get some fresh air.If you are riding with small children, Merrill Park Playground and Iselin Volunteer Firehouse Park are two fantastic choices! Iselin, like Colonia, is only a short distance from the Arthur Kill Strait. For a fantastic park that is situated directly on the water, set your GPS to Sewaren Peninsula. If you want to cast a line, there are tackle stores all along the strait!

3. Rochelle Park

Rochelle Park, a small township in northern New Jersey, is roughly thirty minutes distant from the state capital. Despite its small size, the township offers significant gas savings. Purchase a gallon for $3.19, which is around sixty cents less expensive than the state average for petrol in Rochelle Park. Rochelle Park is a great area to pause, stretch your legs, and refuel if you’re planning to cross the border into New York.

Despite its small size, Rochelle Park offers plenty of exciting things to discover while visiting the area. The Saddle River County Park, a 577-acre park encircling the Saddle River, is located in Rochelle Park. You can take a stroll or have fun at one of the playgrounds to take advantage of New Jersey’s stunning natural surroundings. The Rochelle Park side of the park has tennis and basketball courts as well, so it’s a perfect place to get in a few swings or baskets while you’re on your way!

4. Phillipsburg

The town of Phillipsburg is in adjacent Pennsylvania on New Jersey’s far west border. A great site to stop as you approach the state is Phillipsburg. In addition to the amazing gas costs, there are plenty of things to see and do in the town! Here in town, a gallon costs $3.19. Phillipsburg should definitely not be missed if you’re traveling from the west into New Jersey. It’s the ideal town to refuel and take in the scenery because it’s just on the Delaware River.

You can visit Delaware River Park to see the views of the Delaware River. time you take in the grandeur of the Delaware River, stretch your legs or let the dogs play for a little time. Take the Delaware River Railroad Excursion for a more hands-on experience. You can take the railroad, which departs directly from Phillipsburg, to go around the region. Check out their website to identify the ideal ride for your family, as there are several to choose from. They decorate the train like the Polar Express if you visit during the winter!

5. Lodi

Lodi, New Jersey, is the largest city we currently have on our list. Another fantastic northern city to refuel is Lodi, which is situated straight south of Rochelle Park. In Lodi, a gallon of gas costs $3.21. If you plan to travel to New York City, you should definitely fill up your tank before crossing the border! Lodi is conveniently close to several exciting destinations, so load up with gas and head off on one of these fantastic outings.

When in the area, make sure to visit the Wildlife Conservation and Education Center, which is a great place for people to get up close and personal with wildlife. A sight to behold is the Wildlife Conservation and Education Center, which is situated near Garfield, New Jersey, just west of Lodi. It’s well-known for housing the “Bat Cave,” an exhibit including sloths, bats, and other creatures. Additionally, Dahlert’s Lake County Park is conveniently close to Lodi, making it a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A hockey rink, a playground, and excellent riding and walking are all nearby.

6. Dover

Dover should definitely be on your itinerary if you enjoy outdoor adventures when traveling the state. The settlement is situated outside of any borders in the northern region of the state. It’s a terrific destination to check out if you want to see some of New Jersey’s beautiful outdoors because it’s surrounded by parks and close to lakes. As of October 2023, a gallon of gas costs $3.29 in Dover. Experience some incredible adventures in Dover while saving fifty cents on the state average!

New Jersey’s agricultural heritage has earned it the moniker “The Garden State.” Hurd Park, though, is preserving that reputation. One of the most exquisite parks in the state is Hurd Park, which has lush grass, trees that like fairies, and garden shrubs. All year long, it’s a lovely location to visit. Hedden County Park is an excellent destination to visit if you’re hoping to discover an area with a little more water.In addition to offering hiking and fishing, Hedden County Park is a lovely location to get in touch with New Jersey’s natural environment.

7. Denville

Denville, New Jersey is located just east of Dover. In addition to having some of the best gas prices in the area, this little community is near some amazing adventures. The price of gas in Denville, New Jersey, is $3.31. Even though it’s more than Colonia and Iselin’s costs, you’re still saving a lot of money compared to the national and state averages! There are several fantastic excursions close by that you should check out while you’re in town getting petrol.

Tourne County Park occupies over 600 acres and is a historic park. It’s a beautiful park that’s well worth the trip. The park offers a wide range of sports, such as fishing, cross-country skiing, and kayaking. The park was first surveyed by John Chapman in 1715, marking the beginning of its existence. As you stroll or ride your bike around the park, you can reflect on the paths’ rich history.

8. Hamilton Township

Hamilton Township is surrounded by Trenton, a sizable city that is situated where Pennsylvania and New Jersey meet. The township has great parks and green spaces in addition to great gas costs. Make sure you fill up your tank in Hamilton Township before you leave whether you’re traveling to tour ancient Pennsylvania or entering New Jersey from the west. At $3.33 per gallon, gas costs make this a worthwhile and cost-effective stop!

The Sayen House and Gardens is among the top attractions in Hamilton Township. This historic park is a fantastic spot to travel back in time and take in some breathtaking scenery. While history fans can stroll inside the home for a view into the early 20th century, flower aficionados can enjoy the azaleas and rhododendrons that are blooming across the park. There’s no need to miss this stop—admission is free!

9. Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is the last location on our tour of New Jersey’s inexpensive gas rates. In Pennsylvania, Cherry Hill is situated immediately west of Philadelphia. As you approach New Jersey, this is one of the first cities you’ll come across. Cherry Hill is well worth the visit, especially with its affordable petrol costs of $3.33 per gallon and plenty of exciting activities. With about 75,000 citizens, this sizable municipality is the biggest city on our list. You may get a bite to eat and explore one of the numerous surrounding activities when you’re in town!

If you’re searching for somewhere to enjoy some fresh air and exercise, head south to Cooper River Park. This nearly 350-acre park is surrounded by stunning scenery and is situated next to Cooper River Lake. Enjoy the lovely New Jersey scenery as you stroll along the lake or have a picnic at one of the two picnic spots. After a long day of driving, Cherry Hill, New Jersey’s Cooper River Park is a terrific spot to unwind.

An excellent destination for a road trip is New Jersey. By following this list, you may find the best gas prices while visiting some of the state’s most amazing locations!