9 Baffling Pets That Are Actually Legal to Own in Louisiana

Have you ever considered the kinds of animals that are legal in Louisiana? It’s common for local customs to forbid owning exotic or wild creatures as pets, such as bears, tigers, and alligators. But it’s permissible to possess certain confusing creatures in Louisiana.

For information on the laws and regulations that apply to your particular area, consult the municipal laws there.

1. Venomous or Constrictor Snakes

If you live in Louisiana, you may keep some venomous and constrictor snakes longer than eight feet as pets with a permission. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would need to issue the permit, or else you risk being fined.

The following species are a few of the ones you can have:

Burmese pythons
Reticulated pythons
Papuan pythons
Olive pythons
Carpet pythons
Diamond pythons
Pythons that use amethystine
Pythons in Southern Africa.
African rock snakes
Pythons from India
Boa constrictors
Pit vipers
Sea snakes, mambas

2. Gila Monsters

In Louisiana, gila monsters are permissible to own as pets provided you have a permission. Because they are poisonous and a sophisticated pet, only people with prior knowledge with reptiles should own lizards. A Gila monster bites hard and is difficult to release.

3. Savannah Cats

If you live in Louisiana, you might be able to have a pet Savannah cat. Consult your local authorities first because some cities and parishes have banned them. These creatures are the progeny of a domestic cat and serval.

Because Savannah cats are playful and intelligent, they could tear up paper towels or toilet paper rolls when they’re bored. Apart from that, they make entertaining pets since you can train them to play activities like fetch and hide-and-seek.

4. Genets

The Viverridae family is exempt from Louisiana’s restriction on most large carnivores, thus if you live there, you are free to possess genets. Even though they are opportunistic eaters, genets may be permitted because they are small mammals. Although these animals generally dislike being carried, if they are the only pets in the house, they may develop a close attachment with their owner.

5. Turtles

At first glance, turtles may not appear very confusing, but the kinds that are allowed to be owned in Louisiana certainly are. Residents of Louisiana are permitted to own one alligator snapping turtle and four razor-backed musk and box turtles, albeit they are limited to taking two each day from the wild.

6. Hedgehogs

Since hedgehogs aren’t regarded as wild or unusual species, you are allowed to keep one as a pet in Louisiana. If you give your hedgehogs fresh food and water on a regular basis and clean their cage, they won’t need much upkeep.

7. Chinchillas

In Louisiana, it is legal to keep a Chinchilla as a pet as its classification as wild or exotic animals is restricted by law. If you want a pet that doesn’t smell and can live for ten to twenty years, these are good choices. They enjoy leaping and can climb more than six feet.

8. Wolfdogs

Because wolfdogs and wolves seem so similar, some states have outlawed the ownership of wolfdogs as pets. You might be shocked to hear that you can own one if you reside in Louisiana, though.

Permission is not required, but you will need to show that your wolfdog is not a wolf with the appropriate paperwork. Regardless of what you say, the law says that without the papers, it will be deemed a wolf.

9. Bengal Cats

Depending on where you live, owning Bengal cats is allowed in Louisiana but illegal in some other states. There are still some places that permit it, even though several cities have made it illegal. Bengal cats were allowed to join The International Cat Association in 1983.

F1 Bengals, who are 50% wild and the progeny of a male Asian leopard and a female domestic cat, are prohibited in several places. Bengals classified as F1 and domestic cats are the parents of F2 Bengals, F2 and domestic cats are the parents of F3 Bengals, and so on. Since they are only 20–10% wild, far removed from their wild ancestry, several places accept F4 Bengals and later.