8 Incredible Christmas Markets Only in British Columbia

There is no shortage of holiday fun and celebrations in British Columbia as the Christmas season gets underway. British Columbia becomes a warm, charming winter wonderland as the Christmas season draws near. The Christmas markets in the area are a must-visit sight, with sparkling lights, joyful holiday d├ęcor, and the delicious aroma of baked goods drifting through the air. This holiday season, if you’re in or around Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, or Surrey, you really should visit these eight amazing Christmas markets that are unique to British Columbia.

1. Vancouver Christmas Market

In the center of Vancouver’s downtown stands the quaint Christmas Market. The Vancouver Christmas Market features festive music, wooden stalls, and a variety of European foods like potato pancakes, bratwurst, schnitzels, and strudels. It emulates the customs and atmosphere of a classic German Christmas market. Enjoy German food and then browse the beautiful handmade ornaments and locally produced soaps while soaking up the Christmas market’s enchanting atmosphere.

2. Winter Treasures Artisan Market

The Winter Treasures Artisan Market, which will be open from November 9 to December 20, 2023, is a great place to shop locally. This market showcases some of the top artisans in Vancouver, offering a variety of products such as candles, soap, jewelry, and pottery. Browsing the market is free of charge, and you never know what you might find when looking around the stalls.

3. Eastside Flea Holiday Market

The Eastside Flea Holiday Market features flash tattoos, spiked eggnog, and an aura photo booth. It is open on weekends until December 17th. This unique and quirky Christmas market gives a unique twist on holiday traditions with over 45 food trucks and an abundance of delicious seasonal beverages. You shouldn’t miss this!

4. New West Farmers Holiday Market

This annual holiday market, which takes place in Vancouver’s River Market, features about a hundred vendors, a ton of food trucks, and live music. Everything from handcrafted presents to one-of-a-kind culinary gems can be found. As you roam around looking for the ideal Christmas gifts for your loved ones, the live music adds to the excitement.

5. Christmas Shipyards Artisan Market

The renovated Pipe Shop in North Vancouver is the venue for the Shipyards Christmas Artisan Market. More than a dozen sellers will be offering high-quality crafts and artisan goods at this year’s fair. Furthermore, North Vancouver’s Christmas tree and an outdoor ice rink are located in the Shipyards. When the market closes, you can still visit the Shipyard for special activities held there all season long.

6. BCIT Alumni Holiday Market

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is hosting its yearly market, despite the fact that it is an online store. Now in its fourth year, the market assists enterprises established by BCIT alumni. If you’re not one to brave the weather and the crowds this year, this year prioritize purchasing locally by visiting the BCIT Alumni Holiday Market.

7. Steveston Hub Christmas Market

This year, there will be more than thirty local vendors at the Stevenson Hub Christmas Market. In addition to its daily uses as a co-work office, yoga studio, and community stage, The Steveston Hub is turned into a winter wonderland during the holidays. This Christmas season, make sure to check out the fantastic holiday market offered by this Richmond community venue!

8. Chinatown Holiday Market

Chinatown in Vancouver is home to the Chinatown Holiday Market. Popular Chinatown companies and merchants will be supporting and participating in the market, which will feature public tea ceremonies, music and dance performances, and more. There will be a wide variety of unusual presents for sale.

See These 8 Amazing Christmas Markets That Are Exclusive to British Columbia

The biggest cities in British Columbia come alive for the Christmas celebrations over the holiday season. Every one of these markets is guaranteed to have distinctive presents, whether you’re searching for handcrafted ornaments, traditional German food, or unusual gourmet treats. Furthermore, it’s a lovely experience to stroll through a holiday market throughout the Christmas season. This holiday season, visit one of these eight British Columbian Christmas markets!