8 Best Reasons Idaho Is the Greatest Place to Ski in the U.S.

Although it may not be the first spot that comes to mind when planning a skiing vacation, Idaho offers amazing snowy landscapes and unspoiled wilderness. Here are the top 8 reasons Idaho is the best state in the US for skiing, with at least 28,000 vertical feet to descend.

1. Perfect Ski Weather

For many reasons, Idaho is the best destination in the US to go skiing, but one of the main draws has to be the weather. Reliable, ski-perfect snowfall occurs from late November to early May. Even with bright, cheery sunlight and mostly clear days, temperatures stay consistently low when snow is on the ground.

Idaho State received 150 inches of snowfall in 2018–2019, however there was considerably more snowfall in the mountainous regions. At 7,800 feet high, Brundage Mountain receives 211 inches of precipitation over 55 days on average per year. The West Tetons in Grand Targhee and the Sawtooth Mountains in Pomerelle both receive an incredible 500 inches.

That’s a big snowfall!

2. A Long Five Month Season

Idaho’s skiing season typically starts in late November and ends in early May since the state’s mountainous areas receive early snowfall. That leaves you with at least five months of the year to plan your annual leave around the busiest periods.

3. Comparatively Lower Cost

In contrast to Colorado and other well-known ski destinations, Idaho is less well-known. This implies that fewer snow-mad people travel there and therefore prices are typically lower.

In one of Idhao’s ski resorts, you might find an incredible deal if you reserve in advance or at the last minute.

4. There Are Lots of Resorts

Idaho boasts more than eighteen ski resorts, the largest of which is Brundage Mountain in Central Idaho, with six lifts and sixty slopes, and Sun Valley, the first authentic ski resort in the United States, which debuted in 1937.

Just two miles south of McCall, Little Ski Hill is a small but wonderfully sculpted ski hill that was initially constructed for the amusement of forest workers. Today, families and easygoing skiers are drawn to its 405 vertical foot slope.

5. Amazing Scenery and Views

The breathtaking vistas of Idaho’s mountains span miles and are among the best in the whole country.

Consider Sun Valley Resort. It is situated between the lovely mountains of Dollar Mountain and Dahl Mountain. On the lower slopes, majestic wintery vistas are surrounded by towering snowy mountains, while from their heights, you may experience snowy panoramas that spread into the horizon.

Idaho’s west has a small portion of Yellowstone National Park. Snow lovers may see bighorn sheep, bears, raptors, coyotes, and snowshoe hares there in the winter.

6. Easy Travels

The ski resorts in Idaho are dispersed around the state and are easily accessible via well-maintained roads.

Skiers can access world-class ski resorts like Soldier Mountain Resort, which is less than two hours’ drive away, and Bogus Basin, which is only forty minutes away, from Idaho’s Boise airport. From Boise Airport, Brundage Mountain, Christmas Mountain, and Tamarack are all accessible in less than three hours by car. Skiers are transported to and from the airport by private taxi services.

7. Variety Of Snow Sports On Offer

There are several different ski activities available in Idaho.

Towering lifts serve both experienced black slopes and beginning slopes for skiers. The laid-back vibe is ideal for snowboarders, and with Idaho’s vast backcountry, cross-country skiing is one of the most popular pastimes. One of the most amazing skiing experiences in Idaho for the daring is going night skiing under the stars.

For families and friends who prefer a more laid-back day out instead of skiing, as well as for dedicated skiers in need of a day off, snowmobiles and bus trips provide the perfect solution! Some of Idhao’s most breathtaking views may be seen on snowmobile rides through the backcountry. Participate in one, or organize your own trips.

8. Caters For All Levels

Idaho is a family-friendly resort with towering, nearly vertical slopes and difficult off-piste cross-country courses for seasoned snow sports enthusiasts, as well as beginner lessons and after-school programs for novice skiers.

If there is a range of ability in your group, this is an excellent area to ski. Disabled ski facilities are available at many Idaho ski slopes, along with an abundance of apres-ski dining options and entertainment.

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is observed in January by Ski Idaho. For newcomers, packages are significantly less expensive at this slower time.

Review: The Reasons Idaho Is America’s Greatest Ski Destination

For many reasons, Idaho is among the best states in the nation to ski!

Due to its consistent snowfall, resorts can start their seasons early and end them late. In Idaho, ski season runs from November to April. Idaho’s consistent snowfall is utilized for a wide range of winter activities, including cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling. Expert instructors provide instruction for skiers of all skill levels and lead trips for off-piste activities.

Idaho offers a plethora of over 18 mountain resorts, breathtaking scenery, and easy access. Larger resorts provide greater luxury, but even so, they’re still reasonably priced when compared to more well-known American ski areas. Family-run resorts are even more affordable.

The unhurried spirit of exploration and fun found on Idaho’s ski slopes is perhaps the best lure. There’s space for all skill levels to enjoy a ski trip and great apres-ski to lift your spirits; people here don’t take themselves too seriously.