8 Amazing Places to Raise a Family in Pennsylvania

It’s not difficult to choose the ideal family-friendly community in Pennsylvania. There’s always something to do because to the abundance of outdoor leisure options and the numerous high-performing school systems. Here are a few Pennsylvanian locations with great school systems and a rich history for raising a family.

Best Pennsylvania Places For Families: Chesterbrook

Chesterbrook consistently scores highly on rankings of the greatest locations to live in the nation, particularly in Pennsylvania. with a family-friendly environment, health and fitness choices, and an A+ rating from Niche for its schools. It is the perfect spot for conventional families who enjoy the suburbs because it is full of things to go, such as parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. The crime rate is 77.5% lower than the national average, according to recent figures.

When developers began building new townhomes and houses in Chesterbrook throughout the 1960s, the neighbourhood began to attract greater attention. Locals from Philadelphia, which is 22 miles distant, were drawn to this friendly town, but other populations became aware of the newfound community. The Valley Forge National Historical Park, named for the Chesterbrook Farm, is one of the most noteworthy tourist destinations.


Without Devon, no list of the greatest areas in Pennsylvania to raise a family could be considered complete. This Chester County suburb, home to an annual horse exhibition, is home to less than 2,000 people. Devon’s abundance of suburban amenities, including as parks, coffee shops, and outdoor seating areas, draws in young professionals who wish to live close to a top-notch school district for their future children. Although living here is slightly more expensive than in other cities—the median home value is $663,300—nearly 97% of the population still owns their homes. There is a Septa Devon Station in the region for people who commute to work.

More conservative residents are drawn to this premium town because it offers both suburban and rural areas for settled living. With a strong emphasis on local safety and a low crime rate, it is among the best neighbourhoods for families. This community is made up of people of various ages, with 33% of students earning a bachelor’s degree. The atmosphere in the area is frequently compared to Chesterbrook, Rose Valley, and Blue Bell.

Penn Wynne

Another little suburban community with slightly more than 6,100 people is Penn Wynne. It combines suburban living with city living, and in the past fifty years, the local population has barely increased. The neighbourhood welcomes both young children and retirees with its assortment of parks and coffee shops. A lot of locals take a moderate stand in politics.

Penn Wynne’s outstanding schools are one of its main draws. Though it is approximately one square mile in size, the majority of the land is made up of residential areas and is located inside Montgomery County. The 2,000+ households are not very diverse, with around 25% of them having just one occupant.


Anyone looking for the most stunning view wherever they look should head to Ardmore. Living options include both classic homes and a large number of apartment buildings in vibrant neighbourhoods. In the 2010 census, this unincorporated town had slightly over 12,000 residents; by the next, that number had increased to 13,566. It is a 2 square mile area on the west side of Philadelphia. Ardmore doesn’t have any bodies of water, but it does have a lot of fun places to visit.

Ardmore’s downtown is a bustling neighbourhood with a number of classic retail shopping centres. Suburban Square, one of the nation’s first shopping complexes, was established there in 1928. For healthy family entertainment, think about going to the Ardmore Ice Skating Club or Linwood Park to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


Berwyn is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a politically liberal community in Pennsylvania where you can raise a family. It is well-known for its well-known bungalows, which have single-story homes with basements and attics and evoke the atmosphere of Chicago. Stained glass windows set some of these residences apart from other suburban properties along the Philadelphia Main Line.

Berwyn is a census-designated place (CDP) in the Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships of Chester County. Even though it is adjacent to Devon, it is only about two square miles without any bodies of water. Families typically earn over $250,000 annually, however the CDP had 3,775 residents at the time of the most recent census, with a median income of $181,471. Visit the Easttown Library or the nonprofit Footlighters’ Theatre if you’re looking for something engaging to do.


Another nice municipality in Pennsylvania to raise a family is Narberth, which had a population of 4,282 in the 2010 census. When Edward Rees first visited the region in the 1680s, he owned the original deed to the land. With a population that has increased from 3,702 to 4,492 over the past 100 years and a historic district that is officially recognised as a historic place, the town has remained moderately varied. With children in school or under, more than 25% of the homes in the area are supported by a median income of $133,475 per household.

Even though the borough is about half a square mile, you only need to take a quick stroll through the downtown area if you adore ancient Victorian mansions. It is a section of the Philadelphia Main Line, a group of picturesque neighbourhoods with lush greenery, just like Berwyn. The two recreational facilities provide year-round activities, but the humid subtropical environment is typical for the state. Parents can choose to enrol their children in one of the nearby religious schools or the Lower Merion School District for their education.


In spite of this laid-back vibe, this lovely town is home to both young professionals and retirees with conservative opinions. Houserville is an unincorporated community in Centre County, which is a part of the Pennsylvania Metropolitan Statistical Area. Houserville, which is close to State College, is just 1.1 square miles in size. Spring Creek is located along the western boundary, despite the fact that there are no bodies of water inside.

Children make up one-third of all homes, however the demographics of the occupants remain well balanced. Although the median family income is marginally lower than in other towns and places on our list, more than 95% of people live over the local poverty line.


Swarthmore, which has a population of over 6,000, hasn’t always been the ideal location for people or families. The borough didn’t attract new people until Philadelphia’s passenger rail service began running through it. Beautiful Victorian mansions can be seen in the residential neighbourhoods, although Swarthmore College occupies a large portion of the surrounding acreage. A few of these residences, including the Ogden House and Benjamin West’s birthplace, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Its proximity to Ridley Township, Springfield Township, and Nether Providence Township makes it an ideal commute from its Delaware County location. With its 7a hardiness zone, the 1.4 square mile plot of land is ideal for growing hydrangeas or lavender. With a total population of over 6,000, children make up over a third of all homes. Many of these children attend the highly regarded Wallingford-Swarthmore School District. There is a single public school and a liberal arts institution that is private, founded in 1864.

Highlights of the Best Pennsylvania Places For Families:

Located Population (as of the 2020 Census) Size
Chesterbrook 5,610 1.56 mi²
Devon 1,980 2,590 mi²
Penn Wynne 6,493 1.06 mi²
Ardmore 13,566 1.965 mi²
Berwyn 3,621 1.965 mi²
Narberth 4,500 1.865 mi²
Houserville 1,765 1.09 mi²
Swarthmore 6,543 1.402 mi²