7 Things China Is Known For That People Love and Hate About It

Among the most popular travel destinations worldwide is China. China evokes images of its extensive history, varied cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. China has a rich history that is unmatched by any other nation on Earth. Naturally, though, visitors to China fall in love with a great deal of things. However, they could also despise a few aspects of China’s reputation. Let’s examine the seven characteristics of China that both people find endearing and offensive.

Things That People Love About China
1. Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is one aspect of China that people adore. Imagine placing an order for Szechuan chicken, noodles, and fried rice at a restaurant. For many Americans, it’s the ultimate comfort dish. The same thing happens to visitors to China. Yes, you will discover that fried snakes and scorpions are sold at a number of stands and markets. There are additional foods that you might not be familiar with. Overall though, you can find a lot of the same Chinese food in China as you can elsewhere.

2. Chinese History

China is home to a centuries-old civilization. People have been creating things in China for thousands of years that will eventually be used widely. US textbooks have included tales of dynasties, wars, and the Great Wall of China. We now know how effective the Chinese army is at facing off against adversaries. We also studied how China saw numerous transformations during the 20th century. In the nation, Mao Zedong’s Communist Regime proved to be effective. This introduction to communism is still relevant today and has never been more potent.

3. Gorgeous Sceneries

China’s varied landscape is often overlooked in favor of its cuisine, culture, and history. Given that China is the fourth largest country in the world, its vast territory experiences a variety of climates. Mountains, meadows, tropical forests, and deserts are all present. You can observe fields used to grow rice or soy if you travel through China’s countryside. Mount Everest, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Taklamakan Desert, Yellow Mountains, Stone Forest, and Yangtze River are a few of China’s natural treasures.

4. The Culture of China

China is renowned for its incredible culture as well. When you go to China, you’ll find that Chinese calligraphy is an art form. The Chinese Zodiac is highlighted, as it has sparked a global craze with its zodiac animals and the meanings they might hold for an individual. Because Chinese philosophy, literature, and language are so fascinating, many people have studied them throughout history. Numerology plays a significant role in ancient Chinese traditions.

China’s communist regime is one of the things that people detest.

One of the key things that China is known for that is a thorn in its side is the Communist Regime that dominates the country. The human rights have been violated by the communist regime. Dissidents and journalists are routinely subjected to censorship by the government. Additionally, it disables specific social media apps. Even though there are a lot of liberties, the Chinese government nevertheless maintains strict control.

2. Air Pollution

You can visit China and see for yourself that the country’s air pollution is a serious issue. Naturally, air pollution won’t be an issue if you travel to a rural area. But it will in the big cities. You’ll see that many people are wearing masks because the level of air pollution is so high that it is affecting their lungs. If you return from China feeling unwell with a respiratory ailment, don’t be alarmed. Even though China is struggling with terrible air pollution, there is still a pressing need to address this issue.

3. Traffic

If you’re not into transportation, then neither will be air pollution. China’s major cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, and others, are well known for having terrible traffic. In 2010 there was the world’s worst traffic gridlock on China National Highway 110. It was a 12-day traffic bottleneck. It goes without saying, but traffic is correlated with poor air quality.

In summary

There you have it: these are the seven characteristics of China that both people admire and find offensive. China’s past is unmatched. The enormous achievements they made are astounding and unbeatable. However, a lot of people around the world dislike the Communist Regime that currently controls China with an iron grip. Certain Chinese cultural customs may not be to everyone’s taste. All in all, China has a lot to offer in the form of breathtaking natural scenery, exquisite culture, and amazing tales. China is a lovely country because of this.