7 Secretly Amazing Places to Retire in Missouri

Retirement residents can enjoy all four seasons, cheap cost of living, excellent food, and a generally good standard of living in Missouri. Tax-wise, this state is seen as being rather advantageous to retirees. The decreased cost of living offsets the partial taxation on social security. See why Missouri is considered one of the best states to spend your senior years by checking out these seven retirement communities that are surprisingly amazing.

1. Town and Country

With 11,440 residents, Town and Country is a suburb of St. Louis situated in West St. Louis County. Despite being close to the metropolis for convenience and facilities, this village retains its rural feel. Town and Country is especially well-liked by seniors because of its lovely outdoor recreation spaces and tranquil, welcoming ambiance. Town & Country makes up for its lower cost of living by offering a wealth of amenities, a focus on outdoor recreation, and a community that prioritizes health and fitness.

2. Lake Ozark

Lake Ozark is regarded as one of the greatest retirement destinations in Missouri as well as one of the greatest locations to live. It offers its people a dense suburban atmosphere and is situated in Camden and Miller Counties, close to the Lake of the Ozarks. With its inexpensive cost of living, first-class housing, fantastic weather, and extremely low crime rate, Lake Ozark is a perfect place to live for seniors and young workers alike. This town is a calm retreat in the winter and a bustling destination in the summer. Check out Lake Ozark if you enjoy lake activities and quaint small towns.

3. Creve Coeur

Neighboring Town and Country, Creve Coeur is a part of the larger St. Louis region. It is among the greatest areas of Missouri to reside, with lots of shops, parks, and dining options all within a busy suburban atmosphere. Even though living expenses are greater, Creve Coeur offers many amenities, a diversified population, high-paying jobs, and a wealth of outdoor activities. This suburban community is adjacent to a large metropolis with a wealth of cultural activities and offers everything you could possibly need.

4. Kimberling City

With fewer than 3,000 residents, Kimberling City is a small town in Stone County, Missouri. The sparse suburban neighborhood is home to many seniors and offers them a low cost of living. Compared to Missouri’s largest cities and suburbs, home costs are significantly lower. Kimberling City offers above-average housing at competitive pricing, as well as a safe environment, lots of outdoor recreation spaces, lovely weather, and lots of attractions. The majority of your needs can be met by the town’s tiny businesses, but Branson is just 30 minutes distant by car.

5. Forsyth

Within the Branson micropolitan area is Taney County, home to the city of Forsyth. Located on Lake Taneycomo, Forsyth is home to 2,688 people who live in a densely populated suburban neighborhood with a very good standard of living. Reduced housing costs, a wealth of part-time work, less crime, and an abundance of outdoor activities are all advantageous to retirees. People in this amiable, close-knit suburban city look out for one another and participate in the community.

6. Osage Beach

Located in Camden and Miller Counties next to the Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach is a bustling urban suburb with a large number of eateries, pubs, stores, and green spaces. In the off-season, the neighborhood is a tranquil haven despite being extremely busy in the summer. In addition to having many attractions, excellent outdoor activities, and a low crime rate, Osage Beach also offers reasonable homes and a low cost of living. There are lots of interesting shops to explore and a lot of activities near the lake. Osage Beach offers the ideal balance of tranquility and excitement.

7. Chesterfield

Another community west of St. Louis offering a dense suburban region is Chesterfield, home to about 50,000 people. Chesterfield has many employment options, great outdoor activities, low crime, a varied population, above-average cost of living, and a strong emphasis on fitness and health. Although it’s a serene region with lots of wildlife and lovely parks, it’s also close enough to the city to take advantage of all the cultural activities. Chesterfield is a welcoming, safe suburban city that is ideal for seniors.

Overview of the Seven Secretly Amazing Places to Retire in Missouri

Secret Places to Retire in Missouri
Town and Country
Lake Ozark
Creve Coeur
Kimberling City
Osage Beach