7 Richest Counties in Missouri (and Who Lives There)

Are you a resident of one of Missouri’s seven wealthiest counties? You are not by yourself if you do. These counties collectively house nearly a million people, demonstrating their appeal as places to live. There are even some well-known people who live in Missouri’s wealthiest counties.

Find out which seven Missouri counties are the richest, ranked by population, home value, and overall wealth index. AZ Animals created a list of Missouri’s seven wealthiest counties and the reasons behind their comparatively high GDP per capita using data from SmartAsset.

“Based on a combination of these three metrics and ranked them accordingly to provide a holistic view of what areas of the U.S. are accumulating the most wealth,” SmartAsset calculated the county’s wealth index.

Platte County

According to SmartAsset, Platte County has the highest wealth index in the state, and the statistics make sense. There is very little crime, a high concentration of stable jobs in manufacturing, consulting, and farming, and a typical household income that substantially exceeds the $69,000 national average. Platte County is not just the richest but also one of the greatest locations to live overall, with highly regarded schools and an abundance of community recreational opportunities.

Charles County

Based on statistics from Niche, St. Charles is the best county in Missouri to purchase a home. This wealthy county is excellent for families and boasts excellent public schools, ranking as the best in Missouri. In addition, it’s a thriving neighborhood with lots of eateries and bars, a strong employment market, and a generally safe environment.

St. Louis County

St. Louis County is the richest and best county in Missouri to live in, if that’s what you’re searching for. With its top-notch public schools, diverse population, excellent housing, an abundance of employment opportunities, and a vibrant nightlife, St. Louis County truly has it all. At $72,000, the typical household income is not too much higher than the national average, but homes are still within reach for locals.

Cass County

Cass County boasts excellent employment rates, company growth, and living prices. It also has very low crime, with a median household income that is $7,000 greater than the national average. Though not significantly, Cass County public schools are rated lower than those in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. Cass locals describe leading contented lives with stunning homes, large lots, and reliable employment.

Cass County was home to professional baseball players, gang members, and the Coffman brothers.

Camden County

In contrast to the other counties on the list, Camden County has a disproportionately high number of retirees. Rather than renting, more than 80% of county residents are home owners. For those who still work in the little town, the Big Surf Waterpark, Dogwood Animal Shelter, and community hospital are three of the major employers. The area’s middle and elementary schools are rated as fair.

Clay County

Another wealthy and well-regarded county in Missouri is Clay County. In addition to having excellent public schools, a reasonable housing market, and a vibrant nightlife, it’s a fantastic area for families to call home. It offers chances, solid jobs, and business growth in an A-rated job market. The majority of the population are employed in the healthcare industry, which raises the median household income to over $75,000.

In the 1840s, Clay County was the birthplace of Jesse James and his brother Frank, the members of the James-Younger Gang.

Boone County

Young professionals just starting their careers and starting families choose Boone County because of its schools, employment market, and nightlife. Boone County’s wealth index guarantees a comfortable living for its citizens through inexpensive housing, reliable employment at major healthcare systems, and excellent public schools. It is, behind St. Louis, the second-best county in Missouri to live in, according to Niche.

In its history, Boone County has produced almost a hundred prominent individuals, including politicians, athletes, and actresses. Among the most well-known figures are the football player Gary Anderson, the sports magnate E. Stanley Kroenke, the musician Carlos PenaVega, and the Walton brothers, who created Walmart.

Christian County

Christian County, which has outstanding schools and ranks third for greatest place to live, completes the list of the top seven wealthiest counties in Missouri. Christian County residents have excellent options for their children’s education and earn, on average, the national median household income. Most locals are home owners.

The largest city in Christian County, Nixa, is where Jason Bourne was born, despite being a fictional character. Moreover, Christian County served as the backdrop for the 2010 film Winter’s Bone.