7 Quick and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Gophers on Your Property

Although gopher tortoises are adorable animals, they may seriously harm your property, including your yard. This ubiquitous outdoor mouse may ruin well-kept plants and lawns by digging tunnels and mounds in yards. But most people just want to keep this cute critter out of their yard they don’t want to poison it.

Fortunately, a lot of nontoxic control techniques work to discourage wildlife without endangering gophers or any other species. Here are seven easy and efficient techniques to eradicate gophers from your land.

1. Tuck Dryer Sheets in Gopher Holes

It may surprise you to learn that although gophers dislike the pungent smell of dryer sheets, people do. That being said, you may keep gophers out of your yard by spreading dryer sheets around any place you observe them frequenting or by stuffing them into the holes they make. As long as the dryer sheet has a strong aroma, it doesn’t matter what brand it is. Because it has a more pleasant smell than some of the other items on this list, this is a popular choice.

2. Sprinkle Coffee Grounds Around Gopher Holes

Coffee grounds are widely used as fertilizer in gardens, but did you know that they also serve as an easy-to-use gopher deterrent? To keep this outdoor rodent away, just bury some old coffee grounds in the soil of your garden or pour them into any gopher tunnels or holes. Gophers will probably be discouraged from excavating and building mounds in your yard by the pungent smell.

3. Apply Castor Oil

One of the best gopher repellents is castor oil. Castor oil, dish soap, and water can be used to make an easy DIY remedy. After that, use the castor oil solution to wet the openings of your gopher tunnels. This will undoubtedly discourage gophers from coming into the area—without endangering them!

4. Plant Gopher Spurge

Euphorbia lathyris, better known as gopher spurge, is a plant that is frequently used to ward off gophers and other outdoor pests like moles. This plant is available for purchase in many places, including neighborhood nurseries. Even though it’s an invasive weed, it can give your yard a distinctive touch and is also extremely lovely. Planting gopher spurge in your yard could discourage gopher rats, as they generally dislike the smell of the plant.

5. Make Sounds in Your Yard

Gophers are shy and delicate creatures, thus they are not drawn to loud environments. Anything that makes noise, such as portable radios inserted down into gopher holes or noisy wind chimes, should deter gophers from entering your yard.

6. Use Vibrating Stakes

Gophers are vibrationally sensitive in the same way as they are auditory sensitive. It is already more challenging for them to manage their environment due to their poor vision. That being said, you could easily deter gophers from taking up residence on your home if you placed vibrating stakes throughout your grass or yard.

7. Install Gopher Catchers

A secure gopher trap can be used to catch gophers in your yard that are hiding in their mounds or around their holes. All you need to do is buy a trap, set it up in your gopher holes, then fill it with peanut butter or another alluring material. Next, watch for the gopher to burrow in and ensnail itself. You can securely release a gopher that you have caught far from your house.

Important Reminder: Mothballs Are Not a Good Gopher Repellent

Since mothballs contain naphthalene, a chemical that is harmful to small mice, they are frequently employed to solve rodent problems. Many people think that while mothballs contain enough naphthalene to drive gophers away, it is insufficient to kill or seriously harm them. Mothballs contain a strong naphthalene stench that disturbs rodents such as gophers, thus putting them in their holes is likely to make them go away. Nonetheless, there are numerous reasons not to use mothballs as a pest deterrent. As a matter of fact, this technique is prohibited.