7 Most Popular Sports in Mexico and How Long They Have Been Played

Over the years, sports have had an intriguing history in Mexico. Paradoxically, a large number of their traditional sports originated in Spain, which is comparable to the ties that exist between the US and England.

However, there is so much to discover about the seven most well-liked sports in Mexico, which are genuinely the most unusual pastimes you will ever encounter. These sports also have a rich tradition attached to them. It’s time to broaden our knowledge and discover more about Mexico’s sporting past.

1. Bullfighting

Eight years after the Spanish arrived, on August 13, 1529, bullfighting began in Mexico.

A nation typically transfers some of its customs to a newly invaded nation. It follows that the inclusion of bullfighting on this list is not shocking. In Mexico, bullfighting has existed for almost all of its history. It’s an extremely risky sport. Nonetheless, it is among the most well-liked sports in Mexico.

2. Volleyball

Mexico first played volleyball in 1968 when the United States brought the sport there.

In Mexico, volleyball enjoys a comparable level of popularity to hockey does in the US. In the end, there is a devoted fan base and a specialized following. The most well-known player to originate from Mexico is Carlos Guerra. It is an increasingly popular sport in Mexico that is still growing there.

3. Lucha Libre

Many legends have come from Lucha Libre Wrestling, including Gory Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Technically, Lucha Libre is a form of sports entertainment. But because of the ardor and devotion that Mexican fans have for it, it ends up on our list. Legends such as Gory Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr. have become symbols thanks to their work in the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. It’s true that professional wrestling isn’t a legitimate sport. However, genuine athletes and bumps are involved. With more than 3 million followers in Mexico, it began in the 1930s.

4. Basketball

It is said that basketball arrived in Mexico in the 1930s.

The National Basketball League is the NBA’s equivalent in Mexico. The most well-known player to have ever come from Mexico is Eduardo Najera. He was formerly an NBA player as well. During the 1930s, basketball was introduced to Mexico. In general, the sport has a large following and is still developing. In Mexico, it’s one of the most well-liked sports.

5. Boxing

In Mexico, boxing is far more popular than it is in the US.

In the US, boxing is not so common. But in Mexico, it is wildly popular. An icon is Julio Cesar Chavez. In addition, he is among the all-time greatest Mexican fighters in popularity. Throughout his remarkable career, he had a 107-6 record, and he is largely responsible for the popularity of boxing in Mexico.

In Mexico, the sport is extremely popular and draws in 4 million spectators. In an attempt to follow in his father’s footsteps, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., his son, has had comparable success in the ring, holding a 53-6 record. In Mexico, it is impossible to travel far without coming across boxing enthusiasts.

6. Baseball

One of the most well-known baseball players of all time who was born in Mexico, Fernando Venezuela assisted the Los Angeles Dodgers in winning the World Series.

Any fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers will become ecstatic when you ask them about Mexican players who have benefited the team. There was Fernando Venezuela first. In 1988 and 1988, he assisted in leading the Dodgers to a World Series victory. Julio Urias is the next person. In 2020, he was a key player in their World Series victory. There are no better Mexican supporters in Los Angeles than there are now. Similarly, a large number of baseball enthusiasts reside in Mexico.

Having been around since the turn of the 20th century, baseball is one of the most popular and oldest sports in Mexico. Baseball has always had a lot of support. After the World Baseball Classic, it became even more well-known, according to AP News. There is just one sport that surpasses this one in popularity among the populace.

7. Soccer/football

Mexico has been a part of football since the late 1800s.

The most well-liked football player of all time is Huge Sanchez. He was among the top players in the world and in Mexico. Sanchez was a major contributor to the rise of Mexican football. He also assisted Mexico in qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in 1986. It was one of their few times being included in the top eight.

More than 8 million people play football. Additionally, a survey conducted in 2022 found that more than 40% of Mexicans enjoyed watching soccer. All around Mexico, young people are participating in the sport. Similarly, there are a ton of competitions and events. It is Mexico’s ultimate sport.